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2FA – ConnectWise Manage

Implementing 2FA when it was first introduced was cost-prohibitive for most solution providers.  Mandatory hardware tokens were expensive. Today there are many affordable (and free) solutions for removing the barrier.  If you provide any type of service where confidential information is available by logging into your system, you should have 2FA implemented.

Setting up Two-Factor in ConnectWise Manage

Install the Google Authentication application on your cell phone.  Available for download from the Google & Apple app stores.

Enable Two-Factor for the ConnectWise Manage Member (User)

1. System > Members > Select member > (Scroll to bottom) Authentication > Select Google Authenticator

2. After clicking Activate, an Activation screen will appear

Using the Google Authenticator app from your phone, scan the QR Code shown on your screen.
If you have problems scanning the code, you can manually enter it using the code highlighted in yellow.

This will add the 2FA token to the list which will show a consistently changing code.  This code changes every 60 seconds.


3. Enter this code into the activation screen as shown below


4.  Click save on the top of the members screen


5.  Logout and log the user back in to test


6. Open the Google Authenticator app on your phone and enter the 6 digit code into the screen that popped up during the login



Repeat the steps for additional members.