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Consistent On-Boarding using Tracks

Imagine signing a new client up and with one click you have initiated an On-Boarding process, a process that will have the same steps each and every time.  Sound like a fairy tale?  Actually it is something that every ConnectWise user should have configured and ready for use.  In this blog, we’ll give you some ideas, using a feature named “Tracks” in ConnectWise Manage.

STEP 1:  It starts with a plan.  You do have an On-Boarding plan correct?

Start with a simple diagram which lists each area of your company operations.  Adding tasks that will need to be handled during the On-Boarding process for each operational area.  Continue this until all required tasks are outlined.  Use this to either perform a mock run through, or an actual client whom is being On-Boarded to your company.

STEP 2:  Create a project template.

For each operational area, create a phase.  Create tickets for each major task function.  When there are multiple small tasks, add these to the Task tab on the associated ticket.  Repeat this until you have recreated a full template from your diagram.

STEP 3:  Create a ticket template.

Templates should be considered part of ConnectWise Manage’s power house, if you are not currently using templates please look into their uses or contact us for a consulting session on how to use them in your organization.

This template will be used to create the first ticket for the On-Boarding process with instructions for the next required steps.   The created ticket will be imported into the Client On-Boarding project.  Be as detailed as you like, including tasks if desired.


STEP 5:  Create a Track

Now it all comes together within our Track.  Tracks allow predefined actions to occur, based upon per “days” timing method.  In the example below, we will create the first ticket using the template we just created in Step 4.   We will then repeat this process until all our automated action steps are created.   


Shown are the available action items for Tracks

STEP 6:  Activate Track

Step A:  Search for the newly created Client Company, then navigate to the Tracks Tab.

Step B:  Select the + symbol to Add a Track.

Step C:  Search and select the track created above in Step 5.

Step D:  Click SAVE to finalize selection and activation of the Track.

Audit Trail:  To see what steps have run and what steps are left to run, review the Tracks tab, select the Track, then review the audit trail as shown in the example below.


If for any reason you need to stop a Track from functioning, simply select the desired Track and delete.

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