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Do we Ticket or Project?

Mini-Projects, do we use a service ticket or create a project? This is a very common question and the answer is, well it depends on a handful of questions. Use our
chart to help determine when you should use a service ticket and when you should use a project in ConnectWise Manage.


Service Ticket: Project:
Duration Generally service tickets can be started and closed within a single billing period by a single resource. Projects may span multiple billing periods and require multiple resources.
Finance How should this revenue be recognized?

At Visionary 360, following Service Leadership standards, we suggest projects are categorized as “Professional Services” at the Chart of Account level. Typical GL mapping does not send Service Ticket revenue to “Professional Services”. If using Service Types, you can add a “Projects” Type, install a GL Mapping to allow using a ticket for Projects. Another method is to add a Mini-Project Service Board which is mapped by Department to Professional Services

Providing properly mapped, Project revenue will flow to Professional Services Chart of Account level.
Billing Options In CWM service tickets are generally billed after the work has been completed, and all time and material is billed with a single invoice. Projects allow for multiple billing options sets on the project, project phase, and project ticket levels. You can use progress invoices to generate multiple invoices against a project.
Scheduling There is only one level for scheduling and entering budgeted hours on service tickets. A project can have
multiple scheduled resources assigned to various tickets within a project. Projects also allow
for true project management, tracking budgeted hours by ticket/phase against actual hours.
Teams & Security Teams and access are managed at the service board level.  Security Roles define ones ability to all service tickets, no matter what board the individual (member) has access to.

Projects can have different management and team members associated with each
individual project.  Using CWM security roles combined with Project security roles, a project manager can control who can access and what they can do.

Contact Options A service ticket generally involved only one contact A project may consist of multiple contacts based on the phase of the project.