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Do you Scan? MSERT Tool | Security

Disaster recovery sometimes feels like a Tom & Jerry cartoon.

Always chasing the threat for a resolution.

Tools, education, planning, and continual proactive management should be a way of life in your company.

Microsoft released a new portable Safety Scanner, known as MSERT, which can be run on demand.    Available for 32 and 64 bit operating systems, the tool is free of charge.  To learn more about and download this security tool, read the article here.

While many companies are moving to Microsoft Office 365, many companies still operate exchange servers.  Microsoft Exchange has had it’s share of vulnerabilities lately.  To see the latest about Microsoft Exchange vulnerabilities, see this Microsoft Security Response Center report here.

Properly on-boarding clients is the best way to start to a successful relationship.  See our past post about how to leverage the ConnectWise Manage system to aid your on-boarding endeavor.


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