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Easy Entrance Into Marketing with ConnectWise Campaign

ConnectWise Campaign – A quick way to enter your company into marketing

ConnectWise Campaign is an add-on to Manage, giving you a fully integrated platform for marketing efforts.  While many use Communications Manager which is included within ConnectWise Manage, Campaign brings automation along with metrics to your marketing game.  Today we’ll introduce the platform to you, giving an overview of it’s capabilities.   In future blogs we’ll dig in giving helpful tips for it’s use to help guide your efforts forward.


  • Built in templates
  • Template repository
  • Media library
  • Automated scheduling
  • Smart based follow-up emails
  • Social media integration
  • Fully integrated with ConnectWise Manage
    Link to contact management, marketing campaigns, opportunities, etc.
  • Contact management
  • Marketing Metrics
  • Automated email address verification
  • Integrated unsubscribe
  • Custom Landing pages
  • Custom forms

One of the hidden but striking awesome features this product brings is it’s forms feature.  Not only can customized forms be included within marketing landing pages, but can be included in external areas as well.  We have blogged about these abilities in previous blogs.  Website Forms & ConnectWise Campaign Forms




Contact Management


Landing Page Management

Scheduling Automation


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