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Enhance Marketing Efforts Using Custom Fields

You are probably using fields in the Company Details pod to capture and store information about your clients. You may even be running a few workflows based off fields in this pod. Maybe you’re using  company status in a workflow to alert your staff not to perform work for a client with a past due balance or using company type as a workflow trigger to prevent a Prospect from opening service tickets before they sign a contract.

Using workflows to build in automation into your business increases efficiency, reduces errors and makes you more effective. Use automation to increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts as well.

In ConnectWise, you can capture Market information about your clients in the Clients Details pod. This information is used on the Main Company and is also used in the Marketing module to manually add a company to a group. What you cannot do with the Market field is use it as a workflow trigger so Marketing Groups can be added to automatically.

However, you can create your own custom Market field and run workflows off the value of the custom field.

Create your custom Marketing field as a text field with a drop-down list to mimic the appearance of the built-in Market field or use individual checkboxes for each market types you need. While a drop-down list is how you are used to seeing, it only allows company to be in a single market.  Checkboxes allow multiple Market selections and workflows can be run off each checkbox.

To create your custom Market field, navigate to the Custom Fields setup table (System > Setup Tables > Custom Fields (Table column). Open the Company Details pod custom field table.

First, hide the built-in Market field. Click on “Market” to show the options for this field. Select the radio button next to Hide the field.

With the built-in field hidden, you can create your own Market list.

(TIP: To display a field which has been hidden the  link at the top of the page.)

Add your new Market list as a custom filed using the Custom Field set up menu. Enter a name and select a method of entry  – drop down or checkbox.

(TIP: Match the choices in your custom field to the market types in your Market Type setup table. This will keep the nomenclature consistent on your Company page and Communication Manager pageYou can even make the custom field a required field to ensure this information is always added and tracked in ConnectWise.

This new, custom field will now be available in the Company Detail pod on the Company page.

This custom Market field can be used as a trigger in workflow events. One of the first workflows you can setup is using the new custom field to automatically add prospects and clients to vertical marketing in Marketing Manager or Campaign.

Vertical marketing groups allow you to send targeted messaging to specific sets of clients letting them know you understand their industry specific needs and challenges.

You will find your company details custom field in the CRM table reference.

Set the workflow triggers and use the Set Actions menu to have a Market value be added to a Marketing Group.

By creating your own custom Market field, you can use automation to make sure the information you are capturing is being used intelligently within ConnectWise.