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How to use Pods in ConnectWise Manage

What are Pods in ConnectWise Manage?

Pods are a way to customize each of your screens in ConnectWise with relevant information that is often out of the view or displayed elsewhere in ConnectWise. Drag and drop Tabs to create additional pods on your Company Screen, Ticket Screen, Contact View, Agreement View and more!

How to add a Pod:

In the example below we will add a new pod to the Company view in ConnectWise Manage.  After adding this pod, all the open tickets for a specific company along with their company data become view-able.

  1. Navigate to the screen you wish to modify.  Pods can be added to almost every screen in ConnectWise Manage.  Company View, Contact view, Agreements, Invoices, Products, Opportunities, Activities are a few of the most commonly used screens.
  2. In the top right corner of every view in CWM is a “settings” icon, selecting this icon will give you the option to select “Pod Configuration”
  3. Once the Pod Configuration is selected, review all available pod choices available then add or remove pods as you see fit.

How to copy tab information into a POD On the Fly:

Navigate to the view would like to customize.  In this example, we are going to bring the Agreements Additions Tab into our Agreement > Agreement Tab eliminating the need to switch back and forth when creating customer agreements.