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How to automatically add CC contacts to tickets in Manage

Scenario:  Client wants to be CC’d on every ticket created for their company.

We love automation, and ConnectWise Manage has an fairly unknown feature which allows this to happen automatically.

To add an Auto CC for any company in Manage start by navigating to Companies > Select a Company > Drill into the “Options” tab running across the top.

On the Options Tab of the company screen you will  see a pod called “Options Overview”.  This area controls what statuses are allowed to send notifications.  We suggest this be left on “All Statuses” otherwise the design of your service boards may be limited, giving a less than desired result.

Next, scroll down to the next pod named “Service Ticket Options”.  This pod is the action area which defines which email addresses should be automatically added to tickets.  The “Boards” selection allows control over which service boards this action should apply to.

In the illustration below, you can see we have added the XYZ Company Owner as a CC for Support, Accounting, and Collections tickets. Regardless of which contact in the XYZ company creates a ticket on these boards, this email will be added as a CC on all tickets moving forward automatically!

To test this, after completing the above tasks, create a test ticket for this company, scroll down to the “Send Notes as Email pods” and verify the CC address automatically populates the test ticket.

Watch this in action:  Testing Auto CC function on Company > Options Tab