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Using Company Types to integrate your Third Party Applications

A recent ConnectWise Manage update now allows admins to create more company types via the Company Types Setup Table.  In the past, you were limited to a single company type which would be used to designate the type of customer in relation to your company.

Now we can start using company types in the same way as you would use tags to categorize data. This idea came from us while on a call with one of our clients when discussing the pain of keeping their third-party tools such as IT Glue, LionGuard, and any others that sync over companies.  Many of these integrations require manually adding new clients independently, or synchronize them all.  Individually adds overhead but adding all can increase license counts causing the increased cost to the service provider.

By using this newly released feature, each of the integrated third-party applications can now be set to use a newly designated company type (App-Lion, App-ITGlue, etc. ).  Now when onboarding new clients (or upgrading current) they just add the new designated company type to the client’s company type settings.  After assigning the designated company type to each applications integration setup, new clients will be added during its daily sync process.  This brings integration setup to a central point within ConnectWise Manage.

For further information, see the ConnectWise KB document