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Managing Alerts via SMTP

Occasionally, old school still wins. If a monitoring tool doesn’t have an API integration, SMTP is still available for use.  Before building a massive set of alerting systems and integrating them into ConnectWise Manage, we want to share some quick tips to help manage the chaos, before the chaos begins.

When starting out, we select a too and set it up across many end points.  After a while we add another vendors tool set, integrating it using the same manner, but assign it the same alerting email address of the other monitoring system across all the endpoints.

Months later, the ticket load is extreme causing the service team to have issues managing the tickets.  It’s determined that one of the monitoring systems should be moved to its own service board.  Unfortunately, since the same email address was used as with all of the other systems, a member of the service team will need to change each end point to a new email address.

When designing your monitoring tools which use SMTP for sending alerts, give each their own email address.  Today’s email systems allow us to assign alias email addresses without much effort.  By using an alias email address now will allow it to be broken out into it’s own if needed, without having to change anything in the future.