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OOF and ConnectWise Email Connector

OOF, Out of Office or known as “Automatic replies” in Outlook is used for when we are out of the office for a period.  Simple concept, yet when autoreplying to an email generated by ConnectWise Manage, suddenly ticket contacts start receiving emails out of the blue, sometimes with information you would rather they not see.

ConnectWise Manage can send external and internal messages, each with their own type of content of course.  Internal messages can have information in which we desire the ticket contact not see.

THE PROBLEM:  A workflow triggers and sends you a message.

When Manage sends you an email notification, and with your email client set to Out of Office mode, an instant templated reply is received by the sender.  In this case it happens to be the email connector associated with the system message.  When this happens, the ticket contact usually will receive a “Ticket update” correspondence, just as if others on the ticket were “group messaging”.  Of course, the ticket contact will receive your OOF message, and wonder why this happened in the first place.












THE RESOLUTION:  –REPLY above this line to respond (Internal Only)–

With a simple line of text, we can prevent this from happening!















Inserting –REPLY above this line to respond (Internal Only)– at the top of your reply message will post your message to the Internal notes section, also preventing an outbound email message being sent to the ticket (and CC’s) on the ticket.  Note the (Internal Only) portion of the token.  This is the key part as this tells the email connector to take the accompanying message and place it in the Internal notes section.  You may recall that — REPLY above this line to respond — can be found at the top of all of your current service tickets.  The (Internal Only) is key to this solution.

We hope this will help your future OOF messages!


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