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Education is key – BuiltIT

COMMITTED TO EDUCATION Looking for an excuse to get out of the office? Missing being on the road? Here is an excellent opportunity, and you might just learn something useful for your business at the same time. Build IT Live is a unique conference where Vendors are not the main stage pitch, education is. Get answers, templates, tools and more for attending. -Culture  -Finance  -Human Resources  -Leadership  -Marketing-Sales  -Security  -Service / CX  -Strategy   Zero product

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Handling direct support requests via email

Running a service department is hard enough.  Coordinating support requests, rescheduling, emergencies and the list continues. The last thing a service coordinator needs is a client sending support requests directly to a team member.  Once a client acquires one of your team members email addresses, it’s like winning at Vegas!  Well, at least in their prospective view.  They feel sending a support request directly to a technician will result in instant support. Here is the

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Customer Portal – Admin Security Changes | ConnectWise Manage

ConnectWise Customer Portal, not just for Admins anymore ConnectWise has introduced a new customer portal for Manage. The new, free portal Is available to all partners and honestly, we think it looks pretty sleek. More information is available from ConnectWise University here: NEW ConnectWise Customer Portal. The new portal consists of two parts: A.  The Customer Portal where clients login and submit and update tickets, pay invoices, etc. B.  The Admin Portal where members login

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Manage Labs

Manage Labs, a set of features designed by the ConnectWise development team, contains some valuable functions worth looking into. To access Manage Labs; navigate to System > Setup Tables > Manage Labs. Here is a quick view of current feature sets with highlighted features we strongly suggest looking into.   Calendar Schedule Location Mode Adds a display mode to My Calendar and the Dispatch portal that displays the location of schedule entries. For more information,

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Broken Images? | ConnectWise Manage

Has your company updated it’s website lately? Images broken in your service board and invoice emails? CMS (Content Management System) type websites gives each image a unique url which typically isn’t replicated when a new website is created.  This results in images being broken when the new website is brought online. An easy way to keep marketing and web development from messing with these images is to create a directory in the root of the

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Simplify Tax Code Updates | ConnectWise Manage

July brings new tax codes to many states and municipalities.  Updating tax codes in ConnectWise Manage can be painstaking as the built-in tools for mass updating these codes are very limited.  Visionary 360 has created a Productivity Tool called Mass Maintenance Booster (MMB). Included in MMB is a Tax Code Module.  This module allows updating tax codes in bulk with a simple find & update, and handles updating tax codes for Company, Agreements and Sites.

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Data Import function now available for On-Premises | ConnectWise Manage

In the past, data import was limited to Cloud partners, so On-Premises users were required to open a support case, send the files to support and wait, wait and wait more to have this imported by support.  Version 2021.1 brings this function to On-Premises users as well.   Data Import – Now Available for Premise Instances Premise partners now have access to the Data Import features in Manage, including the products import, configurations import, and

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What to do: A Manage email has been sent from an unapproved email address. Please Review

Are you receiving emails that state:  “A Manage email has been sent from an unapproved email address. Please Review“? ConnectWise recently released Version 2021.1 which includes a new setup table called the “Send From Email Address”.  This new feature allows what email addresses or domains will be used in the various Send From address fields in Manage. As a continual effort to improve security within Manage, ConnectWise has implemented a feature to alert when an

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Customer Portal | Custom Service Catalog

June 2020, we wrote a blog article about the new customer portal for ConnectWise Manage.  A big improvement from the legacy portal! Today we’ll review another new feature for the customer portal known as Service Catalog. Imagine a service request that actually contains all the relevant information that your team needs to accomplish the task.  The Service Catalog function helps bring this to reality. Our example shows a common “New User” request. ! The URL

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Disable Support Access to Manage | zAdmin

Today, many are concerned about unauthorized access to their data, and users of ConnectWise Manage happen to fall into this concern. Fear no more as with the release of 2020.2 (April 8th, 2020) a feature to disable access is now a part of the Manage System. To enable this feature, navigate to System > My Company > Scroll to the very bottom right, where you will see a check box labeled  “Disable zAdmin Login”. NOTE:  Once

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About Visionary 360

Visionary 360 is a team of veteran coaches focused on the technology sector, mainly IT Service Providers, helping to successfully implement their tools more effectively with a financial focus.

We are problem solvers who love helping people, doing the impossible while having fun doing it.  We engage with our clients like they are family.  We love working with them, watching their companies grow.  There is no greater reward than seeing our clients prosper.   To learn more about Visionary 360, visit our website at or setup an introductory meeting to discuss your needs.

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