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Schedule Reports | ConnectWise Manage

Team lead reviewing time entries, without access?

Service Manager or Dispatch reviewing ticket load without logging into Manage?

These and many others can be accomplished by using the Scheduled Report function within Manage.

First:  Pick a report.  Within Manage, navigate to System > All Reports > Reports List.    See the Report Dependency Matrix located in the ConnectWise University for detailed list of all available reports built into the system.

Second:  Click Add to My Reports

Third:  Fill out the required parameters

A.  Name the scheduled report.

B.  If it is desired to run this report On-Demand, select Display on Today Screen?

C.  Select Schedule report for future use to enable the feature.  This brings a new display to view.

D.  Select how often this report should be sent.

E.  Select what date the report should start and if it should end or continue until deleted.

F.  Make sure all the fields with an * are filled in.

Reply to: Email address the report will be sent from.
Email to: Email address the report will be sent to.
Subject:  Email summary line will display this.
Comment:  Suggest that a small summary of what this report is for, and to open the attached file for the report details.

Keep in consideration that these scheduled reports will only be found within your Manage profile.  To make adjustments to any scheduled reports, login to Manage, navigate to System > All Reports > My Reports tab.

Security Roles will determine availability of what reports are present and if the data is available for reporting.


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