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Service Ticket Surveys – Are you taking advantage of this opportunity?

Customer Satisfaction.  How often do you send out service surveys to your customers?  Surveys help us learn about how the team is performing and what your customers think of your services.  Without feedback can you truthfully make changes to improve your business?

Google “IT Service Surveys” and you will find you’ll have 100’s of options, with prices ranging from too cheap, to what a part time employee might cost.  One of the most overlooked survey options is built into ConnectWise Manage, and the cost?  Free as it is included in Manage:

  1. It’s 100% integrated with ConnectWise Manage.
  2. No coding, no iframe snippets.
  3. Minimal design and formatting options to speed up the time to implement and start collecting valuable customer information.
  4. Survey responses append directly to the company record in CWM, no need to add another tool your already exhaustive list of web apps.

How do you set up service surveys in CWM to send out every time a ticket is closed?

  1. Navigate to your System > Setup Tables > Surveys – Service
  2. Create a new service survey to send when a ticket is in a resolved status.  TIP:  The name of the survey is what becomes the hyperlink.  We have found naming the survey to “Close Ticket” can produce an average of 30% more responses.  The customer feels they are closing the ticket by completing this action.
  3. Fill out the required information on your new service survey, you’ll be able to add a logo, customize your header, footer, and thank you text, and more!
  4. Keep it brief, otherwise it will be quickly noted that this is a survey, not a feature to close the ticket.  Provide 1 or 2 pre-defined questions for your customer to choose from. Service survey questions can be assigned points giving the ability to notify management of an pending issue.  While you can force a question to be required, keep in mind this is optional and we WANT their feedback, not demanding it.
  5.   Add your survey to your resolved ticket status:   Add this to each “Resolved” status on your service boards desiring to include the survey.  There are two steps required for each ticket status.Step 1:  Select your new survey from the “Customer Survey” drop-down.

    Step 2:  Add the Survey hyperlink to the content of your email template.

So how do you retrieve your survey results?

Let’s add a workflow to notify us when a survey has sub-par results allowing management to head off an upset customer before it’s too late.

Add a workflow rule which will send the ticket survey results to you or your company’s service manager when a survey falls below the desired threshold.

Create and analysis the survey data.  Manage has four pre-defined reports located in “All Reports”.  System > All Reports > Service Desk > Survey Analysis, Survey Analysis Detail, Survey Detail and Survey Summary.  TIP:  Schedule these reports to be delivered automatically.

Surveys are also available by customer.  Open any customer company profile, navigate to the Surveys Tab.  Any submitted surveys for this company will be located here.

Remember, customers are survey exhausted and just one more survey…  Keep it savvy and build it so it doesn’t seem like a survey.