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Website forms

Call to Action Forms, also known as CTA are common for any website today.  Being able to put some automation behind them is the tricky thing, especially when trying to integrate with ConnectWise Manage.  If you understand API calls, then it’s a relatively a simple thing but for the rest we like a click and add approach.  This usually means purchasing some form of service.

We found a little gem that if integrated into your website, can do some healthy automated collection with actions in ConnectWise Manage.  ConnectWise Campaign is an add on module, or included with the newer pricing structure for the professional plan.  Campaign is a marketing platform which integrates directly with Manage and once activated looks like it’s a part of Manage.

While Campaign can be used for building email marketing campaigns, including landing pages where you could build your own click style funnels, the forms feature can be broken out to work by itself.

Within Campaign, you would build a form for your needs.  Include all relevant contact and other items you want to collect and where you want to place it.  Within Opportunity notes, internal ticket analysis, activity, contact or company notes.

Then we determine what actions we want to perform with this collection of information.  We can add to a marketing group, send an email, open a web page, create an activity, create an opportunity,  or create a ticket (Selected board and status).

Now the form is built.  Let’s place it into operation!  Grab the iframe code provided on the last screen.  Insert this into the web page you desire and now the form can be viewed and used by clients and prospects.

Where can this be used?

  • Help requests
  • Prospective sales requests
  • Intake forms (Used internally only)

We have an intake form to aid our team when handling a sales prospect.  Our intake form, with one click does the following:

  • Creates a Company if not present
  • Creates a Contact if not present
  • Creates an Opportunity
  • Creates a ticket on our Sales Board

Without this form, it would take a few minutes to complete this needed task.  Using this form, it takes the amount of time to fill in all the form fields and click submit.