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Marketing to your Customers with a Corona Marketing Kit

Yet another blog about the Corona Virus.  Yes, but what if it contained free royalty free marketing information that you could use for your business?  🙂 Our friends over at Scott Digital Marketing has created some marketing content for  you to communicate with your customer base and educate prospects. Free of charge and no gimmicks, just download and put it to use.    We hope this can be of help in these times. More information

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Handling recurring tasks using Ticket Templates

Are your customers paying you to maintain their systems?  Are you routinely spot checking their systems?  Let’s face it, we all love robots including AI,  yet these are built by humans.  They will fail at some point, it’s not if, but when! Too many solution providers don’t routinely check a client’s backup system.  Heck, even if they are a break fix client (Which we call On-Demand), you should still poke into their backups while onsite

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Employee Turnover

Finding employees today is an overwhelming task yet keeping them seems to keep more folks up from our daily conversations.  What can you do to keep your employees? Some of the tactics are: More benefits Flex work hours Paid education Take home vehicles Catered lunches Increased salaries An interesting YouTube video by Danial Pink shows why paying more doesn’t always help: An article from workhuman shows 12 tips good tips to possibly reduce employee turnover. 

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Using EOS within your Company?

Visionary 360 is an EOS driven company so when we saw our friends over at BNG published a Level 10 meeting template, we felt we needed to share this awesomeness. Jason Gibb, Chief Project Officer at Team BNG has built a template to help companies use EOS.  He’s built a template for Level 10 Meetings, helping to manage the weekly “Pulse”. Click Here to view the article and review his template. To learn more about

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