Collections Module

Collections Help for ConnectWise Manage Partners 

Ever struggle with slow paying clients? Or how about having no consistent internal process for follow-up on past due accounts? The solution to slow paying clients is having the ability to take advantage of this lack of time by outsourcing your accounts receivable.

Collections module by Visionary 360 is designed to help Solution Providers by giving you ROI around your collections. Collections Module provides instant ROI and it doesn't matter if you have a full-time bookkeeper or you do the books yourself. Our module's automation is designed to help Solution Providers of every size, even bookkeepers.


We give you the ability to send your clients a quick, friendly reminder that their account has become delinquent and help your clients find their way to your payment through a custom portal for immediate payment.

We give you visibility into this process through a payments portal designed with you in mind, and for clients that seem to struggle with paying on time, each communication becomes a little stricter to strike a sense of urgency in order to get your IT company paid. Think of an automated collections agency through an outsourced approach.


Get Started - Collections Module

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