Collections Module


Ever struggle with slow paying clients? Or how about having no consistent internal process for follow-up on past due accounts? The solution to slow paying clients is using automation to assist in reminders and account control.  We use these principles within our Collections module.

Collections module by Visionary 360 is designed to help Solution Providers using ConnectWise Manage. Our Collections Module provides instant ROI and it doesn't matter if you have a full-time bookkeeper or you do the books yourself. Our module's automation is designed to help Solution Providers of every size.

Resolve slow paying customers

Proven Automation - Instant ROI

Proven Automation - Proven Return on Investment

Using the automation power of ConnectWise Manage, we give you the ability to send your clients a quick, friendly reminder
that their account has become delinquent and help your clients find their way to your payment through a custom portal for immediate payment.

Customized Templates
Customized templates - Friendly Reminders


  • End the struggles of sending notifications about delinquent accounts
  • Progression notifications throughout the process, internally and externally
  • Automated account control for those going rogue, stop further service work
  • Each collection attempt is documented, giving insight on collection efforts
  • Easily packaged for when you have to hand over to collections
  • Templates can be customized to your liking
  • Available with and without payment portal linking
  • Achieve ROI in days

Customized TemplatesCustomized templates - Friendly Reminders


Our Collections Module is a flat rate installation, however we'll need to discuss your company's ConnectWise Manage setup to determine if we need to do anything special to adapt our module for installation.