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Company Status vs Company Type

We see this a lot with our consulting clients.  Cross contamination of the Company status and Company types.  These are located within the Company Finance section of each company.

When thinking of Company Status, you could ultimately think of a light switch.  It’s either on or off.  Of course, the dimmer switch comes in to play for other possible statuses.  Credit Hold, Delinquent, Not Approved, MSA not signed would be a few other good possible statuses.  A company status should basically enable or prevent a company from having work performed.  Company Statues are available for use in workflows.

Company Statuses are located at System > Setup Tables > Company Status

Here is an example of a basic Company Status setup:

Company Types are more of a way to define a company.  ConnectWise now gives the ability to select multiple types per company.  They also have given us a great new feature called Service Alerts.  See our prior blog post about this gem!.  Company Types can be use in searches and workflows to aid in reporting.  See our blog post about using them to help with integrating third party apps.

Company Types are located at System > Setup Tables > Company Type

Here is an example of a basic Company Type setup:

We hope this quick guide can help a few with their journey of a successful practice.