ConnectWise Manage Consulting


Consult | con·sult: /kənˈsəlt/ (v) // have discussions or confer with (someone), typically before undertaking a course of action.

Your company chose ConnectWise Manage PSA to be the application that runs your business operations. Like most robust applications it is not a “turnkey” solution; it takes knowledge of the product and a deep understanding of your company’s technical operations and business practices to be correctly implemented. It is easy and understandable to feel overwhelmed learning the ins and outs of Manage while also keeping your company running as smoothly.

With Visionary 360 by your side, you can stop feeling frustrated and start appreciating all that Manage can do to help propel your business forward, making you the hero of your company.



It starts with the Chart of Accounts, understanding your core services and lines of business.  If your company is a member of a peer group that requires financial reporting, we’ll help you reduce the time it takes to generate those reports and make you the star of the group.


Just as buildings can’t stand without a strong foundation, the core of ConnectWise Manage needs to be equally strong.  Finances, invoicing, security, access control, back-end integrations are a few of the settings that need to be understood and fine tuned.


Are your customers happy with your response and communication efforts?  Can you produce accurate KPI reports or identify recurring issues?  Bring templates, automation and updated best practices into your organization and turn your service team into heroes. 


Agreements control recurring invoicing, and service coverage for your Managed Service Contracts.  Proper financial alignment can help improve your reporting.  Are your agreements profitable?  Eliminate the guess work now and simplify agreement management.


Complicated billing requirements become less daunting with projects.  Templates remove the tedious tasks associated with project management.  Raise the bar for your company with a properly aligned project module, and start seeing great financial outcomes.


Financial planning starts with a review of your revenue, costs (including labor costs), and expenses.  Tracking gross margin within different business units allows for a better understanding of your business and where you can improve.


Put your sales team in the fast lane with improved time saving procedures.  Turn prospects into quotes quicker, and get accurate sales forecasting.  See a more detailed picture of your marketing campaigns,  commission structures and opportunities.


A properly setup procurement module, molded into your sales process can help remove duplicated tasks.  Control product loss, and control stock levels automatically with inventory management.   Your procurement team will thank you for bringing procurement online.