Connectwise SSO Setup


1. Login to

Navigate to the User icon on the left menu panel.

*If icon isn’t displayed, then the logged in user account does not have the required permissions.

3. Select Add User

Enter “Visionary 360” as the First Name and “Consulting” as the Last Name.

Enter the ConnectWise Login Email (Visionary 360 will provide you with the ConnectWise Login Email.  It will be something similar to

Select “Make this email the same as login email” check box.

Do not click Add User yet.

5. Scroll down to Product Access > click ConnectWise Account, then select the Admin check box.
 6. Click Manage, then select Allow user access.
 7. Now, click Add User to complete this task.

Notify your project consultant so they may accept the verification email.  This should be done quickly as the verification email has an expiration time frame.

Should the verification email expire and need to be resent, select the user, then under User Settings drop down list, select Resend Invite.


Create member login in ConnectWise Manage for the account just created in ConnectWise Home.  Once this member login is created,   

ConnectWise has recently released SSO – Single Sign On which allows a single pane of login management across the ConnectWise Suite of products.   Here is a link to the University document to help learn more about this latest feature.