ConnectWise Manage Procurement Services


Procurement | pro·cure·ment: (n) // the process of finding and agreeing to terms, and acquiring goods, services, or works from an external source.

Allow your team to work from within ConnectWise Manage, instead of between multiple applications.  Remove the current pain of purchasing by implementing the Procurement Module in ConnectWise Manage.   We’ll help you become the procurement hero.

Procurement allows simplification of the following

Sales Order Mastery

Sales Orders are to Sales as tickets are to Service.  Help bridge the gap between your sales and purchasing teams by simply using the built-in components in ConnectWise Manage.  Imagine a fully custom designed process which fulfills the needs of your company.

Purchasing Control

Keeping your team within a single application eases software licensing requirements, learning aspects and overall security for your company.   Bring control, automation and consistency to your procurement process by using our knowledge and training and you will be on the path to better purchasing management.

Inventory Accuracy

STOP LOSS.  Tackling inventory management can be challenging.  It revolves around humans and processes.  Help control inventory shrinkage within your company by using the inventory feature of the Procurement Module in ConnectWise Manage.

Accounting Confidence

Uncertainty?  Remove it with training from our consulting team.  Learn how to handle item receipts, matching bill entry, and maintain general ledger mappings.  Ensure consistent monthly financials by keeping revenue and costs in the same month.