Email reConnector


Ever struggle with the annoying problem of customers sending emails directly to your team for requests?  Right or wrong, do you realize in the customers mind the SLA timer starts once the initial email is sent?

Of course this all happens at the wrong moment - Out of the office, on a call, at a sports event, at a family outing and the list goes on.

Just forwarding the customers email to the PSA systems email connector won't solve the problem as the ticket gets created as you, not the customer.  The ticket then needs touched manually, updated and then processed causing more delays.

Email reConnector solves this problem  quickly and without multi-step effort using any device.

  • Step 1 - Open the email sent to you from the customer
  • Step 2 - Forward the company to the email established during setup of ErC
  • Step 3 - Continue what you were doing knowing the ticket will be created shortly

With Email reConnector you forward an email sent to you from a customer and the ticket is created by API Integration.  ErC strips out your information then creates the ticket with the proper contact and company information.  Your support emails end up looking just like they were sent directly into ConnectWise.  It’s that easy.  This simple process makes it appear like you’ve directly sent the support email the first time, when it’s actually gone through the ticketing process in ConnectWise. You can even be on your mobile device as you don't have to have any special add-ons installed.  Just a simple forward takes care of it.


Our Email reConnector works with your ConnectWise Manage PSA to solve this annoying problem by doing the simple things right, like the ability to forward your email, resume what you were working on, and automatically creating tickets on the proper boards with the proper company and contact.

Email reConnector saves time and eliminates communication breakdowns by easily communicating client requests so your team can handle them as quickly. Our tool allows you to avoid dropping the ball on client requests and ticket board management issues by eliminating the communication delay.


Email reConnector handles direct service ticket requests to your inbox with a simple forward and removes your email information to create a ticket as if it was from the original sender.


Create activities from emails!  Your sales team will love this feature.
Get those sales interest emails into your PSA so they aren't lost.


  • Create as many email forwarders in ConnectWise Manage as you want
  • Forward emails to service boards that do not have email connectors
  • Limits which members have access to which email forwarders
  • Avoid setting up IMAP accounts for Microsoft Outlook or provide credentials to your IMAP accounts
  • Create activities from emails
  • Assign specific status to new tickets per service board
  • Add notes to the message if you want
  • Each forwarder allows you to forward emails to a specific service board
  • Member restrictions - Only some members can create tickets on your management board but all can create tickets on your support board
  • When forwarding emails, anything you type in forwarded message is added to ConnectWise Manage tickets notes

Email Reconnector

Email reConnector will strip out your email information and create a ticket on the proper service board

"Handle direct service requests to your inbox with a simple forward."


Unlimited Users - Unlimited Email Addresses - Unlimited Domains
Creates Tickets on any ConnectWise Manage Service Board$39/mo
Creates ConnectWise Manage Activities