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Your awesome customer sends you a service request.  Their printer isn't working correctly.  They think sending it to you means they will get higher priority, right?

What it really means is:

  • Delays in getting the ticket created
  • Extra administrative overhead to create a simple ticket
  • Techs could work the issue without a ticket.  This means lost revenue, lost documentation and continued expectations that they can do this repeatedly.

Imagine, with a simple click of the forward button, you can instantly create a ticket in ConnectWise Manage from the email that your customer just sent directly to you.

Why not just forward into the email connector you ask?   When forwarding a email to your email connector, it will create a ticket however it will create it for you, not for the customer.

Solution providers constantly struggle with end users sending their support requests directly to their staff members.  End users think by sending directly, they can speed up the process to get their issue resolved.

What it really does is create chaos, customer support issues, loss revenue, and problems with SLA performance. 

We knew something was needed and it had to be quick, simple to use and of course, no software to install so any device could be used.  So, we created Email reConnector to help solve this industry wide problem. 



3 Simple Steps


Create Service Tickets 

 Create Sales Activities


Email reConnector steps

Email reConnector provides you with a one-click solution to create tickets and activities from those emails, eliminating time-wasting efforts and delays, increasing your productivity and stopping ticket loss.

Benefits include:

  • Cloud API integration - No software to install
  • No more copy / pasting from emails to tickets
  • Eliminate timely delays to resolving service requests
  • Increase productivity
  • Stop ticket loss - Many will work the issue forgetting to create tickets
  • Bring sales-related emails into ConnectWise Manage as Activities
  • Notes added to forwarded email appear in the Internal notes of the ticket
  • Creates ticket correctly as the original customer company and contact
  • Member restrictions - limit access per board per member
  • Can be used on any board, even if not email enabled
  • No limitations to amount of connected service boards
  • Assign special service board statuses with special customer-facing message
  • No need to give staff members access to IMAP accounts

$39 / MO

Unlimited Users
No Contracts
Unlimited Domains
Unlimited Forwarders

Connecting stray emails to ConnectWise Manage