How Implementation Engagements Work

Session Times – Your company will be assigned recurring Consulting Session times.  These sessions are scheduled to last up to 1 hour 45 minutes.

Virtual Meeting – We use online meeting software for our sessions.  The session code (URL) that is sent to you is unique for your company.  It can be shared with anyone that needs to join our sessions.  We will use the session code for any sessions with your consultant until the project has been completed.  Should you work with another consultant, they will send you a different session code.

File Share – We use Microsoft SharePoint to share project files.  Members given access to this share will have access to any and all files placed within it.  We can add and remove users during the engagement.

Remote Sessions – We may choose to do certain tasks remotely, behind the scenes.  Remote Sessions may take the place of Consulting Sessions.

Homework – Your consultant may assign you some tasks to be completed before the next session.  Incomplete homework may be worked on during the next scheduled session, which can create delays in the overall project scope.

Canceled Sessions – Our monthly pricing covers weekly recurring Consulting Sessions, unlimited access to our Consulting help desk, subscriptions to our productivity tools (Custom Projects Only), access to our document library, private social media groups, and more.  Consulting Sessions cancelled less than one business day in advance will not be rescheduled and the implementation will continue at the next scheduled session.  Company holidays are not rescheduled.

Qualified Makeup Session – Consulting Sessions that are cancelled at least one business day in advance will be considered a Qualified Makeup Session.  These sessions can be scheduled with a consultant outside of the normal Session Times, but may not be your regular consultant.  These sessions expire after three months or once Monthly Consulting Services are Concluded, whichever comes first.

Monthly Consulting Services – Projects and Support Plans which are delivered for a fixed monthly amount are considered Monthly Consulting Services.  Monthly Consulting Services which are in default are considered Concluded.

Project Pause – If for any reason, you need to suspend your weekly recurring Consulting Sessions for more than a month, you have the option to place your Project on Pause.  Placing a Project on Pause will reduce the monthly rate, while continuing to provide you unlimited access to our Consulting help desk, subscriptions to our productivity tools (Custom Projects Only), access to our document library, private social media groups, and your weekly recurring Session Time slots will be held for when you’re ready to continue.

Project On-Hold – Putting a project on hold is essentially cancelling your Project.  Monthly Consulting Services will be considered Concluded and your Sessions Time slots will not be reserved.  Subscriptions to our productivity tools (Custom Projects Only) will start billing at their current rates and requests made to our Consulting help desk will be billed at our hourly rate.  Should you decide to restart your Project at a later time, it’s possible a different consultant and/or Sessions Times will be assigned.

Visionary 360 reviews and updates our standards of service to keep current and allow us to adapt to changes in processes.  This page reflects our most current standards of service on these topics and is updated from time-to-time.