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How can I submit an enhancement request?

  Do you have an enhancement you want to suggest or have you come across an enhancement you would like our Product Management Team to review? Submit it here for consideration.  The more detailed descriptions the better.

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How to use: Portal Maintenance

  Marketing Group Maintenance – Set-up & Maintenance Using MMB – Portal Maintenance Sending notifications after MMB-Portal Maintenance has been performed Marketing Group Maintenance using ConnectWise Manage To send messages, we use Communications Manager, so you will want to create or update a Marketing Group prior to its use.  Once a Group is created, simple maintenance of the Group will be required prior to using MMB – Portal Maintenance. Prep for first time use –

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How to use: Tax Code Maintenance

How to Use MMB – Tax Code Maintenance Check the Videos section of our Resources page for quick how to videos. NOTE – ConnectWise Manage must be at version 2017.1 or higher to use the Tax Code Tool set. STEP 1 In ConnectWise Manage, Set up new tax codes in the Tax Code Setup Table – Setup Tables > Invoicing > Tax Codes. We suggest renaming the current tax codes then adding your new tax codes.  This will

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How do I cancel my service?

  Q:  How do I cancel my service? A:  While we hope you never have reason to do so – we understand that there may come a time you no longer need our service. Should that be the case – you can select Cancel Service from the Update Payment Method screen.

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Setting up API integration

  Configure ConnectWise for API Integration on your system During the sign-up process, you’ll be asked to enter API Keys.  Please follow the steps below to create the API Keys in ConnectWise prior to activating any Visionary 360 Productivity Tool. The example shown is for Email reConnector however the API setup is the same for all of our tools. Each requires their own API key setup. Use the same API member, adding each tool as

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Viewing payment history

  To view your payment history, login to your Productivity Tools account Access the portal Under Payment Details – Select View Payment Method This takes you to the Invoice Report page.  Select the date ranges you wish to view.  The report will show the invoices for the selected period of time.

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