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Mass Maintenance Booster is pretty simple in what it does. The ConnectWise Manage Mass Maintenance screen gives you the ability to perform maintenance actions in bulk by allowing you and your technical team the opportunity to search and select companies. In trying to do this on your own, you’ve probably found that Mass Maintenance is restricted in its capabilities. We’ve developed a tool to eliminate this extremely time-consuming task.

iCalConnect ConnectWise Manage

iCal Connect gives you power in managing your meeting invites in ConnectWise. With iCal Connect, you simply send a meeting invite directly from ConnectWise Manage so the appointment appears in both your and your client’s calendars. iCalConnect then goes to work by saving you time and increasing your ROI by automatically putting that appointment right into your client's calendar for Sales and Service appointments. It works with ConnectWise Manage to receive tickets requests, communicate scheduling details, and prevents appointments from becoming no-shows.


You should never have to make a decisions based on a lack of data. LaborCast automatically works with ConnectWise Manage to pull data and splits off labor costs by line of business. You’re guaranteed to never again have to make guesstimates about the financials inside your business. Instead, you’ll know exactly where you need to direct your focus based on the data from reporting.


Email reConnector takes your support emails, forwards them to our system where an API auto-creates a ticket, strips out your information then makes the ticket with the proper contact. Your support emails end up looking just like they were sent directly into ConnectWise Manage.


Our Collections Module, designed by Visionary 360 helps to bring your accounts receivable back in order and help to keep them that way.

While this system is propitiatory, we have listed a few of the common FAQ's.