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How to keep a client from receiving a delinquent notice for a single invoice

  Q.  We have a VIP client that should never be put into the Collections process.  Can we prevent this from happening? A.  Yes you can! There are special cases where an invoice is being handled by a third party yet the billing has to be to the client, but it is known that the payment possibly will fall out of normal invoice terms. During the invoicing process, select the “Skip Collect” option found under

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How to stop all proceedings for a client (Multiple Invoice Tickets)

  Q.  How do I stop all Collections actions for a client?  (Single or Multiple past due invoices) A.  To immediately stop all proceedings for a single client,  change the Company Finance Status for the client to “Active”. Note:  Should the client have another invoice that come past due, the system upon creating a new ticket will also put the company finance status back to “Delinquent”  and any tickets currently on the board will be re-activated.

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How to stop proceedings for a single ticket (Invoice)

  Q.  How do I stop a Collection ticket from escalating to the next step? A.  To stop a single ticket from proceeding, simply select the hold status associated with the current stage the ticket is in. Delinquent – Hold Credit Hold – Hold Service Hold – Hold This allows you to put the ticket into the next stage should it be required.

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How to use Visionary 360’s Collections Module

Q.  How do we use the Collections Module? A.  We consider our module to be propitiatory and for this the users manual is not publicly available. If you are a registered user of our module, please submit a ticket to receive an updated copy of the manual.

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Need to change notifications

  Q:  We are changing who is responsible for the Collections process, how do we make this change? A:   Our Collections system is designed for a two layer process.  Controller role and Collections board management role known as Dispatch. Controller – receives notifications about invoices about to create on the Collections board and paid invoices.  The Controller role is established on the “My Company” screen. Dispatch – receives notifications about Collections ticket status updates and

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Paid Invoice notifications – There is no ticket matching this invoice

  Q:  I received an email stating that company ABC has a paid invoice and should see if there is a ticket on the collections board that matches this invoice.  There is no ticket so why am I receiving this email? A:  In this scenario, company ABC has their company finance status as “Delinquent” or “Credit Hold” and there was an invoice that was just paid in full.   The company finance status should be reviewed

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