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How to use: Portal Maintenance

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Marketing Group Maintenance using ConnectWise Manage

To send messages, we use Communications Manager, so you will want to create or update a Marketing Group prior to its use.  Once a Group is created, simple maintenance of the Group will be required prior to using MMB – Portal Maintenance.

Prep for first time use – Create a Marketing Group:

  • Navigate to Marketing > Groups
  • Click + and enter “MMB Portal Maintenance” as the Group Name
  • Click Save and Close

To perform maintenance (remove Group Contacts) on a Group before using MMB – Portal Maintenance: 

  • Open the Marketing Group by navigating to Marketing > Groups 
  • Search for “MMB – Portal Maintenance” or the Group you previously created
  • Click on the Group name to open
  • In the Group Contacts Area, select all the existing contacts you wish to remove
  • Click on Actions drop down and select Remove Contacts from Group
  • Select OK to confirm removal, then close the window

Once a Marketing Group is created or prior contents are purged, you can perform mass portal maintenance using MMB.


Add users to Portal using MMB

  • If you plan on sending notifications to your contacts after Portal Maintenance has been completed, we suggest you complete the Marketing Group maintenance in the above instructions.
  • Log in to the MMB Portal
  • Select Portal Maintenance under Available Tools

MMB Step 1

  • Select the companies and or users that need portal access
  • Click Search to display available selections
    (You can process multiple companies simultaneously)
  • If there are different permission levels, select by permission group
    (These groups will vary depending upon your ConnectWise Manage setup;
    typical selections are Users, Point of Contact, Billing Contact, Admin)
  • Once the desired users are selected, click Update

MMB Step 2

Three available choices are now presented:
– Assign Password (Generate random passwords for each contact; specify a single password for all selected contacts)
– Portal Access (Enable, Disable, No Change)
– Access Level (Security)

  • Make your selections based on the action desired (passwords for each contact/one single password)
  • Click Apply when ready to proceed
  • Click OK in pop-up window to confirm changes

MMB Step 3

Once the first two steps are completed, there are two choices to move forward:

  • Notify Selected Contacts                                                                                                                            
  • Return to Step 1

If all users have been added to the portal, then proceed to Notify Selected Contacts

If you have more contacts (users) who need security access to the portal, then select Return to Step 1  and follow the instructions listed above under MMB Step 1                                 

Once you have processed all the new additions, then proceed to Notify Selected Contacts

MMB Step 4

To send email notifications to these contacts, they must be added to a Marketing Group

  • Click Notify Selected Contacts
  • Select a Marketing Group for these contacts to be added to (In the initial steps, we made a Marketing Group named “MMB – Portal Maintenance” – select this or the Group desired)
  • Select Add Contacts

You may now close out of the MMB Portal and return to ConnectWise Manage

The next step is to send notifications using ConnectWise Manage Communications Manager


Send users a notification email using ConnectWise Manage – Communications Manager

Using Communications Manager, we will send an email to new contacts to let them know Portal Access has been granted

Note:  We suggest you take the time to build some email templates for this action.   This article will give you guidance on how to make templates.

Depending on the types of portal actions you perform, you can build templates for each action.  Once built, you can quickly send these messages without extra work.
Some suggested email templates:
– Portal Access Enabled

– Portal Access Disabled
– Level of Portal Access Granted (These templates can vary depending on the types of security access you set up)
– Portal Password Assigned

To send contacts a notice about Portal Access, do the following:

  1.  Navigate to Communications Manager –  Marketing > Communications Manager
  2.  Select your Group which was populated by the MMB Portal
  3.  The populated list will be displayed – review the list and verify contacts are correct  
  4.  Select all the contacts
  5.  Select Compose Email
  6.  If you have a template, select it now using Apply HTML Template
  7.  Fill in the required information:  Subject, From (name and email Address), and the email Body Remember, you can personalize the email using the available Tokens listed
  8.  Click Next
  9.  If you want to create a Historical Activity, fill in the form and click Next, otherwise click Skip
  10.  If you want to create Follow-up Activities, fill in the form and click Next, otherwise click Skip
  11. Click Process to send the emails


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