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Configuration Issues

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Common ConnectWise Manage Configuration Issues

Issue 1 – The API key did not set up properly, resulting in a message stating that the system could not access ConnectWise Members.

To resolve, simply delete the current API key and make a new one.  Copy the new Private and Public keys to the portal, save and try the connection test again.  If this does not work, then check the security permissions in the next solution.  See Step 2 – Configure API Key above to how to accomplish this.

Issue 2 – The security privileges are not proper for the API member.

To resolve, verify “Admin” is the security role being used for the API member.

Once corrected, the API connection should now connect.


Issue 3 – Default Company.

During the setup of a new domain, you will need to choose a default company.  Typically the default company is CatchAll.  If your company uses a different company account, just select that company.  Any inbound emails that do not match a contact or email domain associated with a company listed in your ConnectWise Manage database will be created using the Default Company.

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