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How to use Email reConnector

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Step 1 – Set up Users

Step 2 – Map desired Boards & Activities
Step 3 – Instruct your staff

Step 1 – Set up Users:

During the activation of Email reConnector, an option of “Manual Entry or Import users from ConnectWise” was chosen.  You can add / remove users at any time during the use of the product.

Navigate to Users: Simply select or deselect the desired user(s).  Unauthorized users will receive a bounce back message advising them that they are not authorized to use the system.

NOTE:  Do not enter the full email address in the “Email Username” field.  Only enter the user portion.  Example:  John@domain.com; we would enter John in the “Email Username” field.

We allow the option to use multiple email domains, so if it is possible for your staff to have the ability to submit from different email domains, then we suggest you enter those extra domains as well.  Simply check the email domains for which ones you wish to activate.

Users will automatically be available for selection if the integration was enabled during activation.  Integration can always be enabled by clicking the +Link to ConnectWise selection found by going into Users.

Step 2 – Map desired Boards & Activate Activity Creation:

Enable Activity creation from email

If you would like the ability to create activities from an email, we need to enable this feature which will create a new forwarder.
Navigate to Forwarders
Change the slider control for Enable Activities
Add the desired default company
Select what activity type you would like for newly created activities to use
Select what status you would like for newly created activities to use
Select what users you wish to have the ability to use this forwarder
Click Submit to complete the setup

Enable Service Board(s)

If you would like the ability to create tickets from email forwards, we need to create a Forwarder to accept and process.  You can have as many fowarders as you desire, typically one per board.
Note:  A service board does not have to have an associated email connector in place for this to work.  As an example you may want to send emails to an administrative board.
Enter the email address associated with the Service Board being selected
Example: If help@yourdomain.com is the email address associated with your Help Desk, Enter “Help” for the entry.2.  Select the board associated with the email address above.
Add the desired default company
Select the desired service board
Select the status you wish to use when a new ticket is created.  This can be a special used status just for ticket creation via ErC.  Use a message to explain that the ticket was created indirectly and to get the fastest service they should use your helpdesk email address.
Select what users you wish to have the ability to use this forwarder
Click Submit to complete the setup

Step 3 –  Instruct your staff: The concept of Email reConnector is simple.

Service Board Use:

Forward the received email to yourboardemailaddress@emailreconnector.com and the ticket will be created as if it was sent directly to the proper email address.

Determine the email to use in place of your board email address:  If your service boards connected email address is Help@yourdomain.com then the email address you will enter will be help@emailreconnector.com.  (This is set up in step two above)

Example:  Beth has emailed you directly for her printer not functioning.  Considering the example above where our public email support email address is help@yourdomain.com, forward Beth’s email to help@emailreconnector.com and your task is completed.

Have more than one connected board you would like to use?  We have enabled the system to handle more than one service board if desired.  Maybe you have a dedicated accounting board and a client has emailed you about an invoice.

If your accounting board was enabled in the activation and using an example of accounting@yourdomain.com we would forward this invoice question to accounting@emailreconnector.com and it will properly create a ticket on the accounting board.


Activity Creation:

Forward the received email to activity@erc123.com or activity@emailreconnector.com

The activity will be assigned to the member whom forwards the email and will be scheduled for the date / time the activity is created.

This can be changed in CW after the activity is created.  Just like tickets, the original content will be added to the notes section of the activity following a date/time stamp.  Any notes from the forwarded email will also be added to the notes section of the activity with its own date/time stamp.


*We do not sell any contact information

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