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iCalConnect Settings

Email Method

Connection Methods Available:

Direct Email Connection (Desired) - This method requires a connection to your email system via an imap connection*.

We suggest using an email connector address so that replies are attached to the ticket

This is a standard IMAP connection requiring:

-Type of secure connection used (Most secure connections will use the TLS connection.)
-host name
-SMTP port* 

If you have troubles setting this up, use Outlook or other type of email application and verify your connection setup prior to entering the settings in the iCalConnect portal.

*IP Restrictions - To lock the port to our server system, our IP is

Relay through iCal (Optional) - This method sends an email through iCalConnect's smart host system using the "On behalf of" email handling.

This option may cause some invites to be caught in spam filtering.

If you chose this method, we advise to do some testing.

Using the email test option allows you to send test invites to what ever email address you wish allowing spam filter testing easy.


From Email

Meeting Invites received by your customers will show as being sent by this address entered.


Message Body

This contains the message content you select for your customers to see in their meeting invites.

At this time, there is only one available message.  Future revisions will have multiple version capabilities.


Include Ticket Link

Enabling this option will include a clickable link to open the service ticket associated with the meeting invite.


Test Email Settings

Enter an email address you wish to test with.  Testing will send a generic meeting invite to the address entered.