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Need to change notifications

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Q:  We are changing who is responsible for the Collections process, how do we make this change?

A:   Our Collections system is designed for a two layer process.  Controller role and Collections board management role known as Dispatch.

  • Controller – receives notifications about invoices about to create on the Collections board and paid invoices.  The Controller role is established on the “My Company” screen.
  • Dispatch – receives notifications about Collections ticket status updates and client responses.  The Dispatch role is established on the “Collections Board” board details tab.  (Setup tables > Service Board List > Service Board > Collections)

To change notifications you only need to change the specific role.  All workflows and service tickets unless modified use the role tokens.

Q:  Do we have to have multiple people setup for notifications?

A:  No, it’s very common for the same person to hold both roles.

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