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Can this be used to create activities?

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Yes.  An activity can be created from a forwarded or direct email.

See our blog article on this feature.

To enable this function:

  1. Login to the Email reConnector portal
  2. Select Forwarders
  3. Select the slider option to Enable Activities
  4. Edit the newly created Forwarder Activity@
    a. Select a Default Company (Typically this is CatchAll)
    b. Select an Activity Type to be used for created Activities
    c. Select a Activity Status to be used for created Activities
    d. Select the users to be enabled to use this function.
  5. Send Status Email* if enabled will send the sender an acknowledge email upon Activity creation.
  6. Click Submit to save the settings

    An activity now can be created by forwarding or directly sending an email to or
    This forwarder email address can not be modified as it is hard coded.


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