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ErC API Security Role

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It is considered a best practice to create a security role in ConnectWise Manage for the Email reConnector API connection.

ErC needs the following permissions in ConnectWise Manage:

• Companies > Company Maintenance: Inquire Level = All

• Companies > Contacts: Inquire Level = All

• Companies > CRM/Sales Activities: Add Level = All, Inquire Level = All (optional – required for creating activities)

• Companies > Manage Attachments: Add Level = All, Inquire Level = All

• Service Desk > Service Tickets: Add Level = All, Inquire Level = All

• System > API Reports: Inquire Level = All

• System > Member Maintenance: Inquire Level = All (optional – required for importing users)

• System > Table Setup: Inquire Level = All;  Customize:

      Allow Access to Service/Service Board

      Activities / Activity Status-CRM

      Activities / Activity Type

      Company / Company Status

      Service / Service Board

Verify these settings by using the Test Connection function in the ErC Portal > ConnectWise Configuration

To setup the API integration see this KB Article

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