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Setting up API integration

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Configuring ConnectWise Manage for an API Integration

During the sign-up process, it will be required to enter API Keys.

Follow the steps below to create the API Member & API Keys in ConnectWise Manage prior to activating any Visionary 360 Productivity Tool.

KB NOTE: The example shown is for Email reConnector however the API setup is the same for all of our tools. Each productivity tool requires their own API key setup.


SECURITY NOTE:  API Member setup and security roles are ultimately dependent on your organizations security policies.

Choice 1:  Use the same API member, adding each tool as a separate API key.  This gives the ability to have one security role, however if using multiple productivity tools from Visionary 360, it will be required to combine the security role requirements for each tool into one security role.

Choice 2:  Create separate API members, one for each productivity tool.  This gives the ability to have separate security roles, one for each tool.  This is the best practice option, however requires more backend setup.

*Visionary 360 no longer suggest using the security role of “Admin” for any API connections.  

Step 1 – Create Security Role

  • Navigate to System > Security Roles
  • Click the + to add a new Security Role.
  • Open in a new window our Security Role requirements.
  • Update the required security role settings, save the Security Role.




Step 2 – Configure API Member in ConnectWise Manage

  • Navigate to System > Members > API Member (Tab).
  • Click the + to add a new API Member.
  • Name this new member “V360API”.   First Name = Visionary 360, Last Name = API.
  • Select the Security Role created in step 1.
  • Click Save.

Red items are required
Green items can be set according to your requirements.  We suggest setting the level to the highest possible so the integration has access to your entire system.




Step 3 – Configure API Key:

  • Navigate to the “API Keys” tab
  • Click the + to add new key


  • For description enter “Email reConnector”

  • Click Save. (Not Save+Close) !!The private key will not be visible once you close this screen!!
    Should you leave this screen accidentally, simply delete the key and start over making a fresh one.


  • Open NotePad.
  • Copy / Paste the Public and Private keys to NotePad.
    The number 1 support issue is copy/pasting from ConnectWise Manage straight into the Email reConnector portal.  Using NotePad can remove extra spaces that the system may insert.



  • Keep NotePad open until the registration process is completed for Email reConnector.



Step 4 – Setup Email reConnector



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