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Setting up Email reConnector

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Recommended Task:  Complete the pre-requisites (Security Role & API Member Setup) prior to setting up a Email reConnector account.  See this KB Article for instructions


Step 1 – Register an account for Email reConnector  Portal Link Here

  • Enter Billing Contact Information
  • Complete Domain Setup:  Email reConnector has the capabilities to handle multiple domains for your organization.  If multiple domains are used to send email from member devices, then enter the secondary or more domains.




Step 2 – Setup Users

  • Option 1  Setup Users:  Recommended method – Import ConnectWise Members (API Connection*)


This method pulls the active members from the integrated ConnectWise Manage instance, removing the need to manually enter users.  The displayed users can now be enabled in Forwarders.

*This requires an API connection setup in ConnectWise Manage prior to performing this task.  See this KB Article for instructions to setup this API connection in Manage.



  • Option 2 – Manual entry | Example shown is using multiple domains
    Manually enter users whom will need access to created Forwarders.



Step 3 – Enter payment information

  • Enter a Credit Card and the card holder information
  • Select Continue to save and move to the next step


*Should you ever want to cancel your service, simply navigate to My Account > Update Payment Method then select the Cancel Service link.  See this KB Article for more details.





Step 4 – Setup Forwarders

What is a Forwarder?  A forwarder is kind of like an email connector and the key factor for Email reConnector to operate.  There is no limit to the number of forwarders that can be created.  A service board does not require an email connector to be connected for Email reConnector to work.

  • Navigate to Forwarders in Main Menu or Select Add Forwarder during setup.



  • Create a Forwarder

a. The Forwarder name creates the email address which will be used.  Our best practice is to keep the same prefix as the email address used for the service board.
Example:  If is the email address associated with your service board, enter “help” as the Forwarder Name.

b. Select the Default Company.  For normal boards, this would be “CatchAll”, where as a specialty board would use the associated company.

c.  Select the board that will be associated with this Forwarder.

d. Select the Service Board Status that a new ticket should be created with.  Any status on the selected service board can be used.

e. Select what users should be able to use this Forwarder.

f. If selected, a reply email will be sent to the user when a ticket or activity is created.  This includes the ticket number.

  • Optional – Enable Activities

If anyone in your company uses activities, they will LOVE this feature.  An email can be forwarded or sent directly to Email reConnector using or which will create an activity for the user whom sent the email into Email reConnector.

To enable Activities, select the slider at the top right to enable the feature.

Once enabled, a forwarder for activity@ will display at the top of the forwarder list.


Administration Features


Available from the menu selection, this function shows the usage for your company.    Reports are also very useful for trouble shooting purposes.


Available from the menus selection, this function shows all invoices for your company.


Submit a support request or give us a call at 818-459-3950 8a – 5p CST.

Enhancement requests

We listen!  Submit your suggestion here.



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