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Setting up API integration

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Configure ConnectWise for API Integration on your system

During the sign-up process, you’ll be asked to enter API Keys.  Please follow the steps below to create the API Keys in ConnectWise prior to activating any Visionary 360 Productivity Tool. The example shown is for Email reConnector however the API setup is the same for all of our tools. Each requires their own API key setup. Use the same API member, adding each tool as a separate API key.

Step 1 – Configure API Member

Navigate to System > Members > API Member (Tab).  Click the + to add a new API Member.  Name this new member “V360”.   First Name = Visionary 360, Last Name = API.

Fill in all the required fields like you are setting up a normal user.  Use the Security Role of “Admin*”.

Click Save and continue to “Configure API Key”

*ConnectWise, Inc. recommends using the Admin Security Role for API integrations.  Using any other role can provide unstable results.


Step 2 – Configure API Key:

Select “API Keys” tab, Click the + to add new key

For description enter “Tool Name”

Click Save  The private key will not be visible once you close this screen!

Should you leave this screen accidentally, simply delete the key and start over making a fresh one.

Copy / Paste the Public and Private keys to the Productivity Tool Portal

You will need the Public and Private key for the Tool.  Leave this open until you have completed the Registration process.  If you are not ready to complete the process, simply copy / paste into notepad and save for future reference.

*Should the API Keys tab not appear, click the  *  tab, Select API Keys, and click the right arrow to add it to the tabs displayed.  Then click the Save Button.

Please disregard the following message while saving the API setup:

Connection was successful, but the ability to create tickets could not be tested. Please make sure the following permission is set:

ConnectWise does not allow full remote API review of the security settings.  You may disregard this message if you have verified this setting is already set properly.

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