Quoting and Sales Processes

Capitalize on Your Prospects: Reinvent Your Processes

Sales is hard. We get it. You’re not alone in this endeavor. We understand what it takes for your business to speed up the sales cycle, optimize leads, and fill your top-of-funnel sales pipeline with qualified leads. One of the ways we help you improve this is by properly integrating QuoteWerks or ConnectWise Sell with ConnectWise Manage. With our help, you’ll implement automation and proven-to-work practices to help your prospects immediately recognize the value of working with your IT business. We help you make the first step toward turning your prospects into loyal, long-term clients.


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We want to know your sales process from the inside out so we can set up ConnectWise Manage to generate an automated sales flow of driving your prospects from the top of your sales funnel down to a paying client. We’ll help you create automatic lead nurturing and follow-ups so your business misses fewer opportunities and converts more leads into buying clients. Visionary 360 enables you to structure your sales workflows to gain a deep understanding on how to best manage your newly acquired leads.


By implementing a scalable and automated quoting and sales process, you won’t have to spend time and energy worrying about converting leads. The end goal is to give you back extra time and energy, so you can focus on the one thing that guarantees the long-term growth of your IT Service Provider: further improving your services to increase your recurring revenue stream. With quoting and sales, you’ll finally be able to catch your breath and begin thinking about what new services to implement to provide your customers and prospects. We want you to offer more value than ever before and ultimately beat your competitors.