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Helpful Guides and Best Practice Documents

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Adding Dashboard to Today Page - Enjoy this easy-to-follow guide to publishing your favorite report writer dashboard to your ConnectWise Today Page.
Communications Manager Guide - This step-by-step guide of our best practices is the key to upping your communication and marketing game.
Company Status- Definitions and explanations of Company Statuses.  Set up your Company Status List with ease and clarity.
ConnectWise Manage Portal - Security Guide.  This guide follows our best practices for the support portal. Keep this guide handy when you add client contacts to the portal.
Creating Down Payment- Follow this process to ensure that money collected is applied to a specific ticket, project, or agreement, and nowhere else.
Email Connector Parsing Guide- Learn how to configure rules to search and automate ticket information. A real time-saver!
End-of-Year Guidelines- Updated and available every year starting in December, these guidelines are designed to help you prepare your ConnectWise Manage set-up for the new year.

General Ledger Mapping
- Best Practices Guide.  When account numbers or names are updated in your accounting system, here are a few places to make sure that are changed.
Member Deactivation Guide - Our best practice guide for deactivating members in ConnectWise Manage.
Product Class and Price Attribute Guide - Learn how Product Classes flow through your system and work together with price attributes to make invoicing a breeze!
PPSA Renewal Guide - Prepaid Service Agreement best practice guide.
Service Types, Subtypes, and Items Guide - An at-a-glance reference guide to help you set up Types, Subtypes, and Items on your service tickets.
Time Entry & Time Sheet Submission Guide- Distribute this Guide to all your employees and get time sheets submitted correctly and consistently.
Time Entry Approval Guide & Time Entry Approval Flowchart - For designated time sheet approvers – clear and concise procedure for time sheet approval.
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Credit Memos Guide - Issue credit to customers and return inventory to stock with ease.
Dispatch & Service Ticket Processing - This manual includes step-by-step instructions and best practices that will give you the tools to create a service environment where every ticket in ConnectWise Manage is addressed – on-time, every time!

Product Guide
- Our guide to help you understand Category, Subcategory, Class and Type.
Sales Influence Bonus Method - Track your team's sales influence acitivities - a great way to incentivize the creation of opportunities!
Sales Processing w/o Procurement - Quoting & Order Processing with QuoteWerks (without ConnectWise Manage Procurement Module).  This comprehensive manual clearly and comprehensively walks you through every phase of quoting and order processing so you never miss a step.
Sales Processing w/ Procurement - Quoting & Order Processing with QuoteWerks (with ConnectWise Manage Procurement Module). This comprehensive manual clearly and comprehensively walks you through every phase of quoting and order processing so you never miss a step.
Service Level Agreements Guide - Learn how to deliver consistent service and motivate staff to reach goals using Service Level Agreements.
Service Ticket Status Workflow - Use this in conjunction with our Dispatch & Service Ticket Processing guide.  A great one-page reference tool.
Time-Off Board Guide  - An operation guide to our Time-Off board.
Time Periods vs. Pay Periods Invoicing Frequency Matrices  - Align your invoicing and payroll cycles with your time and expense periods.

Work Type Definitions
Definitions and explanations of Work Types.  Set up Work Types so your billing rates are consistent and accurate.