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Staff bonuses, motivation and ways to have fun – The Tipsy Bartender

This is part 1 of a mini-series on how to keep our staff motivated during this extremely “Unique” year, and 2020 has been that!

Business owners are always trying to figure how to keep their teams’ motivation up, what bonuses to give (If it can be afforded) and how to have fun.  2020 has really locked down our ability to do this but don’t give up hope as throughout the next couple months, we’ll share stories to hopefully help you.

The Tipsy Bartender

The deal:  The key to this arrangement is keeping things as hush hush as possible.  Employees will know to attend your virtual meeting, which if you want can be labeled as a virtual party, however make sure they know not to open any packages prior to this meeting!

Find a local bartender whom will help you organize your virtual party.  They should help you come up with various drinks which will be made under the direction of the virtual bartender.  Small bottles of unique flavors and supplies will be delivered to each employee’s homestead prior to the virtual mixer.

Start the party, have everyone open their boxes then bring the bartender online.  Enjoy the fun with everyone mixing their own cocktails!  Introduce a form of virtual board games which everyone can participate and you have an eventful party which everyone will talk about forever.

PS:  In an incognito way find out what drinks your team enjoy and don’t forget those that may not drink or are allergic to certain types of alcohol.  Include these in the lineup and make those whom don’t drink can still enjoy the fun with non-alcoholic style drinks which can still be made with a bar tender.