ConnectWise Consulting Heros

We started with Connectwise over a year ago. I soon realized that without significant help, it would take quite some time to get it operational. After consulting with peers, I learned about Visionary 360. After a Connectwise assessment from Visionary 360, I received a proposal. Although the proposal seemed excessive in terms of the scope, I decided to move forward and agreed to work with Visionary 360. It is not often that I feel you get what you pay for. The investment we made in Visionary 360 was extremely worthwhile. The consulting covered so many aspects beyond Connectwise. Not only do we now have a PSA system that has built in automation and will help us grow, but also a consistency across our chart of accounts and other areas of the business. We are even establishing some procedures for different processes that before I never even realized the importance. All in all, Visionary 360 has and is re-defining many of the ways we are building our business.

Hero | he·ro : (n) a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

A Visionary hero:  a person, using the Visionary 360 methodologies, who has taken their company to new boundaries and achievements.