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Update Custom Fields | ConnectWise Manage

Custom fields, more powerful than ever thanks to a recent update in version ConnectWise Manage 2020.4.

Previously these fields could be used in various places, yet only by a human.  This update now allows these custom fields, via workflows to have data added, updated or selecting them.

If you happen to be new to the custom field world, see some of our other blogs on this subject.

Navigate to workflows:  System > Setup Tables > General > Workflows

Custom fields have been available for triggers for a while now, however updating them is new.  Within a workflow rule, proceed to the “Set Actions”.

At the bottom of the selections, a choice for “Update Custom Field” become available for selection.

Select “Update Custom Field”

After selecting this function, any available custom fields will be shown.   Fields can be updated, written to or the field selected.
Using the “Overwrite” selection will allow the workflow to delete the content and update with new data.

As of the writing of this blog article, we have found there is a known issue where as this function doesn’t work properly across all areas of the Manage system.

Issue #MUB-5583  Workflow Rule Action> Update Custom Fields does not work  Status:  Backlog

We noticed this issue trying to use this new feature within project tickets.  The fields were available for service tickets, but the fields weren’t available for project tickets.



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