Why Visionary 360

Why Visionary 360?


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You are unique

Your IT and professional services business is unique. You have a unique approach and a unique set of people. Each of your team members have distinctive personality and skill sets.  Even your business operations and systems are unique, believe it or not.

Your business problems are unique as well, wouldn’t you agree?

As the saying goes: If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.  To solve your unique business challenges, why would you want to use a standardized solution?

We don’t operate that way, and we’re sure you don’t either. When we see a problem inside your business, it’s our duty to help guide you to truly figure out how to make your company work some magic. Then, we do ours. We dedicate ourselves to crafting solutions that redefine your business operations, minimize your day-to-day administrative and accounting tasks, all the while providing you invaluable in-depth metrics on your financial health. Your bottom line is important and we want to improve it.


  • Our entire process is financial reporting driven. 
  • We'll start by discussing your business, your growth goals, and your line of businesses.
  • We'll have heart to heart best practice discussions and how your business aligns.
  • We document everything before implementation begins.
  • We will do the implementation while engaging you and your team on the changes being implemented.
  • We want you to be comfortable with ConnectWise Manage though we don't expect you to become a certified ConnectWise Manage Administrator.
  • Continual support through out the entire process.
  • We'll help train your key personnel along with your staff.
  • We've created a portfolio of help docs to help guide you.
  • We're here for you, during and after.

How Visionary 360 was born

In 2009, while running an MSP, Matthew Zaroff joined a peer group.  A condition of this membership was the presentation of quarterly financial reporting in a standardized format.  Because developing these reports was time consuming, he developed an excel pivot table report using data from his ConnectWise Manage PSA system.  When Matthew showed his work to his peer group members, several of them asked for help doing the same to their systems as they found their ConnectWise Manage system was not properly setup and rarely yielded consistent results, due to the various charts of accounts used by each company.   

Because of this pain, Matthew took it upon himself to create a process of updating his own Chart of Accounts to match the standardized format used by the group and in doing so, he realized that ConnectWise needed to be updated so that revenue flowed to the correct accounts in the newly created Chart of Accounts. 

 After completing a few of these projects, Matthew’s peer group suggested that he monetize this skill set and service and start a division to provide this service to other IT firms. Visionary 360 was born because of this administrative pain point in ConnectWise, and through innovative work done by Matthew.


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 Our Team

Matthew Zaroff

Matthew Zaroff

Matthew Zaroff is a Senior Consultant, Founder and President  at Visionary 360. Matthew, a veteran of the Information Technology industry since 1990, has been associated with several peer groups. 

He has been a CFO, COO, CEO and President in a multiple managed service provider companies.

Matthew lives in Southern California with his wife, son, and their dog.  His interests include several fields of science, technology, and long-distance running.

Don Bentz

Don Bentz

Don Bentz is a Senior Consultant at Visionary 360, where he works to help guide IT firms to improving their bottom line. Don has been in the IT industry since 1997, and has been associated with multiple peer groups, CompTIA (with whom he spent three years on the board of directors), and the ASCII group.  He’s been a Systems Engineer, a Service Manager for multiple service companies, and President/Co-founder of his start-up managed service provider company.  Don holds an Associate degree in Electronics Technology and dozens of certifications from Microsoft, SonicWall, Citrix and others including MCSE and a Master CSSA.

Don feels his involvement in the public safety field of Fire and EMS helps him in unique situations.  Also, a former swim coach and a fitness fanatic, Don lives in Indiana with his family.  His personal motto is, “God doesn’t make a no-good anything”  and  lives by the Go-Giver philosophy and “Because I said I would.


Bradlee Duffy

Bradlee Duffy is a Business Consultant at Visionary 360.

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Angela Book

Angela Book is our Client Service Coordinator at Visionary 360.

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