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Using simple workflows to email your clients about past due invoices

One sore spot for all solution providers is managing past due invoices in the Accounts Receivable function of your company.  ConnectWise Manage does a great job on simplifying the invoice process and giving you plenty of different views to easily see which invoices are past-due, but it lacks out of the box functionality to assist in sending over-due and collections emails to your customers.

If Accounts Receivable is a constant pain point for your company, consider setting up some of these easy to use workflow rule events which can help you automate this process.  In this example, we will use the “Invoice is X Days Past Due” workflow event (trigger) to help send reminders to both your Accounting team & client.

Navigate to your Work Flow Rules Setup Table:  System > Setup Tables > Workflows

  1. Create a new workflow rule and name it something unique.
  2. Select “Invoices” for the record type.
  3. Select a Location from the drop-down, this should be your Billing Location.
  4. Leave the department field blank (This allows the workflow to see all business units.)

In the following example, we will use the invoice is x days past due.  The past due date is calculated using the Billing Terms setting, located in the company finance tab.  Calculations would look like:   Invoice date + amount of days since invoice creation = Invoice days.   Invoice days – Billing Terms = Past Due or Current.

Workflow Event Triggers:

  1. Invoice is Closed – Looks for only invoices that are closed which typically means it has been sent to the client.
  2. Invoice is X Days Past Due – Looks for invoices that are any number of days past due.  Please note this trigger refers to the invoice due date not the invoice date.
  3. Invoice Is Not Paid in Full – This trigger looks for invoices that are not paid in full, it looks at the actual invoice balance instead of the paid flag.

In the screenshot you can see we have setup 4 rules each of them sending emails as actions, but you could also create tickets and activities.

  1. Invoice is closed and Invoice is 15 days past due and Invoice is not paid in full
    • Action: Send and email to your Controller to remind this about this invoice
  2. Invoice is closed and Invoice is 30 days past due and Invoice is not paid in full
    • Action: Send an email to the billing contact reminding them the invoice is now 30 days past due.
  3. Invoice is closed and Invoice is 45 days past due and Invoice is not paid in full
    • Action 1: Send an email to to the billing contact noting the invoice is now 45 days past due.
    • Action 2: Send an email to your controller with the invoice details so internal actions can be taken.
  4. It’s always good to know when your past due invoices have been paid. This workflow rule looks for an invoice which has been paid in full.
    • Send an email to your controller letting them know the past due invoices has been paid, and next steps if needed.


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