ConnectWise Consulting Heros

My company has been in business for about eleven years. We acquired Labtech (now ConnectWise Automate) about eight years ago and ConnectWise (now ConnectWise Manage) approximately six years ago. Our original reason for acquiring ConnectWise was help tame our time tracking due to rapid business growth through acquisition of a smaller break/fix IT company. At the time we had approximately eight employees and I was wearing a considerable number of hats such as the Automate admin, engineer, CEO, project manager, operations manager, tier 3 help desk, architect, etc.

ConnectWise did a good job selling their product to me, but I did a poor job during the configuration stage due to the severe weight of all the hats I was wearing. I had hats coming out my wazoo! We tried to use every available feature of Manage, but all of them kept failing. We had very random and highly customized agreements that nobody knew how to create in the system. We eventually got the agreements setup to simply provide a flat amount for monthly invoicing. We failed to use time saving features like covered work types and work roles. My technicians had to manually set the work type and item on every single time entry. We also failed to get our products properly entered with correct pricing. This meant that our financials were laughable.

In order to have some numbers I ended up building an excel spreadsheet and spending time each day entering all my revenue and expenses as they came in. I kept a running total because I simply didn’t know what else to do. Over the years we began refining our operations with documented processes and procedures and holding our staff accountable. Through no intention of my own, I began to learn enough about Manage to know there were better ways to do things, but I lacked the expertise to make it happen.

Luckily, in spite of all my business failures, we managed to grow to the point where I had the time to truly dive into operations. Having/taking the time to work with Visionary 360 has been a game changer for us. My technicians are considerably happier knowing that all they have to do is schedule their work and close tickets. No more setting service types, agreements, work roles, etc. on every single ticket and time entry and hoping you got it right. No more trying to remember what is or is not covered on an agreement. No more tickets getting stale without anyone knowing or caring. No more spammy email alerts that aren’t exactly actionable.

We would never have made it to where we are today without Visionary 360. If you are ready to get ConnectWise Manage to give you real, actionable, and accurate information you need to first make time to work with a consultant and second, make that consultant Visionary 360!

Hero | he·ro : (n) a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

A Visionary hero:  a person, using the Visionary 360 methodologies, who has taken their company to new boundaries and achievements.