ConnectWise Consulting Heros

We began our implementation of ConnectWise utilizing the traditional onboarding track. It was going fine, but it wasn’t going good. In fact, we weren’t really sure of how it was going at all. At a certain point we felt stuck as we did not truly understand how ConnectWise worked and we had no idea if our processes were actually going to fit into the structure of ConnectWise Manage. It sounded like we could do all of our business in ConnectWise and we were being told that everything will work just fine when we went live. But something was definitely off. So we went looking for outside help.

We found Visionary 360 in the Marketplace and within a few minutes of our first call, we realized that our fears were correct. We desperately needed the knowledge and experience that Visionary 360 brings to the table. Hiring Visionary 360 was the best choice we made during this whole process. Looking back on our decision with the clarity of having gone live a few months ago, if we hadn’t hired Visionary 360, there’s a good chance we would have lost our minds, quit technology altogether, and ended up in a monastery or a post-apocalyptic gang of marauders.

Bradlee met with us twice a week and helped manage the integration and turn up of all of the systems involved. He hurried us up when we needed to get something done. He calmed us down when we were about to riot. And he ultimately led us through the successful transformation of our business into what we are today. And we are truly grateful.

The structure of Visionary 360’s documentation and process, coupled with the general business knowledge of their team made the process immeasurably easier for us. I wish I could talk to everyone trying to implement ConnectWise and explain how much easier it could be with help from Visionary 360.

Hero | he·ro : (n) a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

A Visionary hero:  a person, using the Visionary 360 methodologies, who has taken their company to new boundaries and achievements.