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Adding BrightGauge Gauges to ConnectWise Manage Pods

CW Mange allows for you to host external content within some of their Tabs and Screens using the Manage Hosted API Setup Table. BrightGauge Gauges can be an excellent addition, to track Data that is relevant to a specific module. Navigate to System > Setup Tables > Manage Hosted API. Click the New Item icon. Enter the name of the tab or pod you are creating in the Description field. Select which Screen you want the content to display on. Log into your BrightGauge Account and

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Tracking Sales Tax Exemptions | ConnectWise Manage

Tracking expirations is super easy with ConnectWise Manage.  ConnectWise Manage has a tool known as Configurations which can also be used for tracking multiple aspects, which in our example we will track expirations for a custom created Configuration type. To see a list of Configurations already created in your system, navigate to the Menu option Companies > Configurations. For this example, we’ll create a new Configuration Type named Sales Tax Exemptions. Navigate to System >

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Send Errors to Teams Channel

  Free – Imagine an integration in which an additional charge doesn’t occur.   If your company uses Teams (Or Slack) it may be missing out on a really awesome feature!  Email enabled channels, and there is no additional charge to use these. Teams allows the creation of “Channels”, where as individuals can subscribe to these, allowing notification of messages.  Here is a Microsoft Article on creating Teams Channels. Example 1: ConnectWise Manage – Email Connector Errors: 

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Email Connector & Parsing Rules | ConnectWise Manage

Email Connector & Parsing Rules What is email parsing and why would this be of interest to your organization? Email parsing is the ability to search for keywords in an email subject line, and perform specific actions against them. Some of the possible uses: Automatically set the correct company on a ticket Automatically attach a configuration to a ticket Automatically set the Service Priority Automatically set the Service Status Automatically set the Service Type Automatically

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Free Dashboard Display | ConnectWise Manage

Dashboards can be instrumental in delivering metrics to your team, however third party tools such as BrightGauge might not fit some budgets. ConnectWise has built four dashboards into the Manage PSA product which could be of value to many.  Today we will show how to access these dashboards for instant use. Access:  To display using a separate machine, use the Read Only option for Manage.  This will allow displaying the dashboards using a standalone pc;

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End of Life Notice – Exchange 2016 | ConnectWise Manage

Dear Exchange 2016, it was fun but we have to say good-bye… Connectwise Manage will no longer officially support connectivity to Exchange 2016 after October 1, 2021.  This means if there is a connectivity issue with exchange 2016 there will be no support options available from ConnectWise. From ConnectWise Support:  Note: After October 1, 2021, you will no longer receive support for Exchange 2016 as Microsoft mainstream support has ended. It is recommended that you upgrade

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Known Issue – New Calendar Sync for Office 365 | ConnectWise Manage

Manage release 2021.2 brings a new feature known as “New Calendar Sync for Office 365”, however we are strongly suggesting NOT to enable this feature, until the bugs are worked out. 2021.2 Release notes  do note that this feature is still in Pilot however many have missed or understand what this means. Unfortunately this is like unwrapping a present only to find a note within that says your present is on backorder and no ship

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Known Issue – SMTP Relay Service for On-Premises | ConnectWise Manage

The following only applies to those running ConnectWise Manage On-Premises servers. From ConnectWise KB article “On February 29th, Microsoft enabled the new security defaults policy if a partner has not met Microsoft Partner Security Requirements. For on-premises partners that use Office 365 for their outbound email, we recommend that you install the new ConnectWise SMTP Relay Service which uses Modern Authentication.”   Unfortunately if Streamline IT or other smtp outbound domains are used, this SMTP Relay Service will

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Automatically restrict board access | ConnectWise Manage

A new employee is added to ConnectWise Manage and their new employee onboarding starts. A user account in ConnectWise Manage is known as a member.  Navigate to System > Members to view, add or remove members. Later it’s found that the new employee have had access to many boards with confidential information.  This happens more often then most will admit, typically as the new member was added manually instead of copying an existing user which

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Handling direct support requests via email

Running a service department is hard enough.  Coordinating support requests, rescheduling, emergencies and the list continues. The last thing a service coordinator needs is a client sending support requests directly to a team member.  Once a client acquires one of your team members email addresses, it’s like winning at Vegas!  Well, at least in their prospective view.  They feel sending a support request directly to a technician will result in instant support. Here is the

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