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End-of-Year Guide for ConnectWise PSA, Get ready for 2022

Visionary 360 is proud to present it’s annual End-of-Year Guide for ConnectWise (Manage) PSA. Required tasks Suggested optional tasks Tips & Tricks It’s all a part of our yearly document, designed in part to help prepare for the new year, with ideas to help get more out of the PSA package. Free Download

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Add the Point of Contact to Waiting on Client

Ticket created by end user. Help desk tries to contact the ticket contact, however they seem to be unobtainable. Help desk works with the ticket contact but needs to wait to see if the issue is resolved.  Multiple closed loops, phone calls, voicemails and now they are unobtainable. Maybe it’s fixed? Way too many solution providers experience this issue, wasting time that could be spent helping others in need.  While there is no one method

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I forgot, the most loved message for scheduled on-site visits

An onsite visit is scheduled.  The drive was painful, an accident caused stoppage and extreme delays but you still made it to the clients location with time to spare.  Fist pump up in the air! After entering the clients office, it is clear something is wrong as the person meeting with you is no where in sight. Someone at the office calls them, and what is heard is “I forgot and won’t be back today”

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Why multiple service boards?

During a hallway discussion at IT Nation, it was suggested that we create a blog giving some examples of when more service boards should be created. We see various service board setups in our consulting practice.  Two typical extremes seen: One master service board Multiple service boards (Out of control) For most service operations, one service board simply is not enough.  Too many tickets on a single board creates confusion, and simply tickets get lost.

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Keeping SOP’s Updated, Before it’s too late

Every business has key employee’s whom hold valuable knowledge, yet most of that knowledge is never documented. This of course from the same people that drive into their employees and clients about documenting anything and everything, there is no excuse. So what we really say is “Do as we say, not as we do?” Consider doing the following in your organization: In a perfect world, it would suggested doing this quarterly, however at least start

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MSP BLOCK PARTY – ConnectWise IT Nation

Visionary 360 is proud to be a sponsor for this years MSP BLOCK PARTY. Come join us for Social Hour and meet some of the team members of Visionary 360. Previous Next This is walking distance from the IT Nation Connect event site,  Hyatt Regency Hotel. Sign Up NOW!  Bypass the lines by registering early! REGISTER NOW LEARN MORE Days Hours Minutes Seconds Hope you had fun!

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Insurance Needs for Solution Providers

Does your business have the appropriate insurance coverage in place? We find that many startups are, well lost.  It’s a wild ride for startups but growing businesses can experience the same turmoil.  As always, please sit down with an experienced CPA and discuss business plans, finance and taxes.  This experience will set your company up for success! Our friends at Techrug complied a wonderful outline of of different types of insurance along with explanations for

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Adding BrightGauge Gauges to ConnectWise Manage Pods

CW Mange allows for you to host external content within some of their Tabs and Screens using the Manage Hosted API Setup Table. BrightGauge Gauges can be an excellent addition, to track Data that is relevant to a specific module. Navigate to System > Setup Tables > Manage Hosted API. Click the New Item icon. Enter the name of the tab or pod you are creating in the Description field. Select which Screen you want the content to display on. Log into your BrightGauge Account and

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Tracking Sales Tax Exemptions | ConnectWise Manage

Tracking expirations is super easy with ConnectWise Manage.  ConnectWise Manage has a tool known as Configurations which can also be used for tracking multiple aspects, which in our example we will track expirations for a custom created Configuration type. To see a list of Configurations already created in your system, navigate to the Menu option Companies > Configurations. For this example, we’ll create a new Configuration Type named Sales Tax Exemptions. Navigate to System >

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Send Errors to Teams Channel

  Free – Imagine an integration in which an additional charge doesn’t occur.   If your company uses Teams (Or Slack) it may be missing out on a really awesome feature!  Email enabled channels, and there is no additional charge to use these. Teams allows the creation of “Channels”, where as individuals can subscribe to these, allowing notification of messages.  Here is a Microsoft Article on creating Teams Channels. Example 1: ConnectWise Manage – Email Connector Errors: 

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Visionary 360 is a team of veteran coaches focused on the technology sector, mainly IT Service Providers, helping to successfully implement their tools more effectively with a financial focus.

We are problem solvers who love helping people, doing the impossible while having fun doing it.  We engage with our clients like they are family.  We love working with them, watching their companies grow.  There is no greater reward than seeing our clients prosper.   To learn more about Visionary 360, visit our website at or setup an introductory meeting to discuss your needs.

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