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Don’t Forget – Required End of Year Tasks – ConnectWise Manage

Unfortunately a team member gets called out New Years Day,  and while submitting a time entry for the ticket, they receive and error disallowing their entry. There is two items that need to be setup before time entries can be entered into ConnectWise Manage January 1, 2020.   If you have not done this yet, do it now! Navigate to System > Setup Tables > Time & Expense > Time Period.  From here you will see

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Employee Turnover

Finding employees today is an overwhelming task yet keeping them seems to keep more folks up from our daily conversations.  What can you do to keep your employees? Some of the tactics are: More benefits Flex work hours Paid education Take home vehicles Catered lunches Increased salaries An interesting YouTube video by Danial Pink shows why paying more doesn’t always help: An article from workhuman shows 12 tips good tips to possibly reduce employee turnover. 

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Using EOS within your Company?

Visionary 360 is an EOS driven company so when we saw our friends over at BNG published a Level 10 meeting template, we felt we needed to share this awesomeness. Jason Gibb, Chief Project Officer at Team BNG has built a template to help companies use EOS.  He’s built a template for Level 10 Meetings, helping to manage the weekly “Pulse”. Click Here to view the article and review his template. To learn more about

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End of Year Guide – Available for Download

Now available for downloading, our ConnectWise Manage 2019 year end guide.  Our 20 point guide touches on all of the required areas to get you into 2020 and into optional areas where most forget to think about. Free Download – No Forms – No Marketing Calls – Totally Free

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TSP-ISAO is the first information sharing body dedicated to cybersecurity for TSPs

Sponsored by: ConnectWise Announces Cybersecurity-Focused Organization to Boost Resilience of Technology Solution Provider Industry ConnectWise announced the creation of the independent Technology Solution Provider Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (TSP-ISAO) with the mission of advancing the cybersecurity resilience of the global TSP industry. TSP-ISAO is the first information sharing body dedicated to cybersecurity for TSPs. TAMPA, Fla. – August 29, 2019 – The TSP-ISAO is an independent sharing organization that analyzes information related to cybersecurity risks and

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Custom Fields

Why use custom fields? Generate data points Triggers for workflows Qualification questions See ConnectWise University Article for more suggested ideas Plan, test, implement First determine what is the desired result, what area does it apply to? Determine if a Custom Field is available.  Navigate to System > Setup Tables > Custom Fields to browse through the available choices. What type of field is needed? – Button: Adds a hyperlink in the Button URL field. There

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Add Alerts to Company or Contacts

VIP contact?  Special instructions needed for a selected company contact or company? Now using a new feature in ConnectWise Manage, this can be accomplished easily using a Service Alert.   This is available for “Company” and “Contact”. Now before going crazy with this new feature you need to know about a limitation.  ConnectWise limits us to a total of 5 Service Alerts.  Plan accordingly, creating them as generic as possible. Example:  Special instructions needed.  Since we

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ConnectWise SSO

ConnectWise has recently released SSO – Single Sign On which allows a single pane of login management across the ConnectWise Suite of products.   Here is a link to the University document to help learn more about this latest feature.

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