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Automating Managed Services

ChannelPro Network Article Many MSPs are using only a small percentage of the automation functionality in their RMMs, missing out on opportunities to gain efficiency and put resources back into their business. Article in Channel Pro Magazine by Colleen Frye. Our very own Matthew Zaroff was interviewed in this article. Check out the online article here.

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Using Company Types to integrate your Third Party Applications

A recent ConnectWise Manage update now allows admins to create more company types via the Company Types Setup Table.  In the past, you were limited to a single company type which would be used to designate the type of customer in relation to your company. Now we can start using company types in the same way as you would use tags to categorize data. This idea came from us while on a call with one

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Customer Support Portal Video – ConnectWise Manage

The ConnectWise Manage support portal.  Love it or hate it, it’s a tool that customers can use for self-help.   The team at JoomConnect have created an awesome video to help onboard your clients to the customer portal.  Available in three flavors (with one free) this video can be inserted into your website to help ease this on-boarding process. Check it out:  https://msp.video/connectwise-video

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2FA – ConnectWise Manage

Implementing 2FA when it was first introduced was cost-prohibitive for most solution providers.  Mandatory hardware tokens were expensive. Today there are many affordable (and free) solutions for removing the barrier.  If you provide any type of service where confidential information is available by logging into your system, you should have 2FA implemented. Setting up Two-Factor in ConnectWise Manage Install the Google Authentication application on your cell phone.  Available for download from the Google & Apple app

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Communicating with clients is important however for most it’s really daunting.  Creating an email notification that looks professional can make most heads spin but then the content, poof brain explodes.  We’ll show you how to create simple templates that your team can use which requires little to no effort. When building notification templates, what type of notices will your company send?   Holiday notifications Important security notifications Cloud application maintenance windows Each of these notification types

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