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Empowering Dispatch with Skills & Certifications | ConnectWise Manage

Empower you Dispatcher using Skills & Certifications Empower your dispatcher and service team be more effective by using the Skills & Certifications view on the Dispatch screen. By completing the Skills tab on the member page and utilizing building Skills & Certifications views on the Dispatch Portal, your dispatcher will be able to identify technicians with the relevant training to resolve the issue at hand getting tickets resolved quicker and with less touches; good for

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Consistent Communications | ConnectWise Manage

Service Delivery:  Service quality, availability, and timeliness. Communications in Service Delivery has many aspects: Person to person Email (Direct, ticketing, automation) Text (SMS) Phone In ConnectWise Manage, we can use “Standard Notes” to help standardize ticket closed loop time entries.  Contacts and internal auditing will benefit from the uniformity it brings. Standard Notes is a feature available for ticket and project ticket time entries.  Each configured note can be made to be useable system wide,

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Removing Agreement Update Pain with the Global Additions Tab | ConnectWise Manage

Visionary 360 recommends billing agreements using recurring agreement addition products. Billing your agreements this way has several advantages over the single Billing Amount field on the Agreement screen. Entering and tracking costs for each line product separately. Mapping revenue to the correct GL account. Adding serial numbers for covered devices. Auto updating usage counts by integration with a 3rd party monitoring software.  Getting the most accurate information regarding agreement profitability requires that information pertaining to agreement

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ConnectWise Manage | Reopen Closed Tickets

A ticket is closed, days have past and then the ticket contact replies to the ticket’s email advising the problem is not resolved.  Depending on the board settings, either the ticket is automatically reopened, or a new ticket is created, but the question is which should it be? ConnectWise Manage has an option which is set per board to handle the question “To reopen or to create new”.  Let us review these settings and discuss

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ConnectWise Manage | zAdmin

Compliance:  In the IT world, this has become the new norm. Whether your company is bound by compliance regulations, knowing if you can control access to your data is everything.  For ConnectWise Manage Cloud partners, ConnectWise has introduced a feature that allows you to disable access to your system from the ConnectWise support teams. Known as “Disable zAdmin Login”, this check box instantly removes the ability for ConnectWise to login to your Manage system. Now,

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When to use sites vs separate companies in ConnectWise Manage

Your client has a primary headquarters and several subsidiary office locations. In Manage, you can enter office locations as Sites under the parent Company or as individual Companies themselves. How do you decide which way to go – Company vs. Site?   Sites under a parent Company, can be assigned a different agreement than the parent Company, they can use a different tax code than the parent Company, and even be associated with a different Calendar than the parent Company.   All this provides a ton of flexibility to provide different service coverage, billing schedules,

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Who moved my referral?

Tracking referrals in ConnectWise Manage?  You may have noticed this has been moved, or you may not know this even existed. Knowing who referred a prospect should be a big item within your sales process, so it makes sense that we should be able to easily track this right? To add a referral to your open Sales Opportunity:  Select the Contact Tab.  Select or add the referral as the contact.  Under Email, select the check

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Using custom fields to help with service management

Service Management:  Ashton Technology Solutions came to Visionary 360 with a list of issues from a management perspective and wondered if custom fields could be used to help manage them. ISSUE:  They needed the ability to: Ability to “flag” a ticket that gets closed, but needs to be reviewed, pre-billing. Example:  Time sheet entries are reviewed on a daily basis, in which some entries will be desired to follow-up on, or the resolution for this

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OOF and ConnectWise Email Connector

OOF, Out of Office or known as “Automatic replies” in Outlook is used for when we are out of the office for a period.  Simple concept, yet when autoreplying to an email generated by ConnectWise Manage, suddenly ticket contacts start receiving emails out of the blue, sometimes with information you would rather they not see. ConnectWise Manage can send external and internal messages, each with their own type of content of course.  Internal messages can

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Visionary 360 is a team of veteran coaches focused on the technology sector, mainly IT Service Providers, helping to successfully implement their tools more effectively with a financial focus.

We are problem solvers who love helping people, doing the impossible while having fun doing it.  We engage with our clients like they are family.  We love working with them, watching their companies grow.  There is no greater reward than seeing our clients prosper.   To learn more about Visionary 360, visit our website at or setup an introductory meeting to discuss your needs.

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