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A lesson from public safety – Audit & Review

Creating a workforce to follow a vision can be challenging.   Contrary to popular believe, no one can read the minds of the leadership team, so until science brings this ability to us we need another way to transfer knowledge and “the way” to our employees. In the Emergency Medical Services world, a popular task known as “Audit & Review” is performed routinely, a procedure that is simple and effective.  Let’s translate their procedure to one

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Update Custom Fields | ConnectWise Manage

Custom fields, more powerful than ever thanks to a recent update in version ConnectWise Manage 2020.4. Previously these fields could be used in various places, yet only by a human.  This update now allows these custom fields, via workflows to have data added, updated or selecting them. If you happen to be new to the custom field world, see some of our other blogs on this subject. Navigate to workflows:  System > Setup Tables >

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New Token for Closed Loop Templates | ConnectWise Manage

Closed Loop: Do you even? You should be!  Documentation is key and a blessing in disguise.  In this blog we won’t get into the deep needs for using Closed Loop, but rather the design of a special template for it’s use. In the past ConnectWise’s boilerplate templates were rather….  {fill in the blanks}, lacking.  Today they have made significant changes making them decently usable, but what if.  What if it’s desired to have a more

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Managing Agreements | ConnectWise Manage

Are you reviewing your agreements?  Consistently?  (We won’t tell) Agreements are for billing and service handling.  Agreements which “cover” certain types of service should be reviewed on a recurring basis to determine if the agreement is properly priced.  An agreement which is consistently upside down isn’t making you money, it’s costing you money and the word BANK isn’t in any solution providers names that we have met. Arnie Bellini showed us how ConnectWise in the

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Marketing like a Cowboy

Do you market your company?  Like a Cowboy does? Marketing, it’s a subject that either you LOVE or Hate.  Most IT company owner(s) are either technical or sales in nature.  Techies normally will do anything possible to stay away from marketing.  Why?  It’s awkward, weird, feels wrong and after a few attempts the trash can is the next recipient.  Robin Robins is a well known name in the industry and her company is hosting their

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zAdmin – Helping with Compliance | ConnectWise Manage

Security is at the top of everyone’s minds these days.  Some ConnectWise Manage users need to take security a step farther as they need to adhere to more complex compliance regulations. ConnectWise added a feature “Disable zAdmin Login” that many seem to have missed.  This feature allows the disabling of ConnectWise’s access to your Manage system. To enable this feature, navigate to System > My Computer > Owner Tab > Scroll to the bottom right

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Poor Man Pager Alert | ConnectWise Manage

Priority and After hours notifications for your team sometimes doesn’t fit well just using email. Not all know that each cell phone number has an email address tied to it for SMS messaging. By sending a message by email using the SMS to Email translation, a twitter type message can easily be sent to any phone. Common cell phone carriers SMS to Email translation settings: Alltel: AT&T: T-Mobile: Virgin Mobile: Sprint:

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Projects and Help Desk Collisions | ConnectWise Manage

Your client, Action Plumbing and Heating has a active network infrastructure project and all a sudden a help desk ticket comes through with an end user complaining about their email not functioning.  The help desk technician is unaware of the current project and proceeds to make changes. Meanwhile, the project team, unknowingly to the help desk ticket, is stumped as to why things have stopped working. Has this ever happened to your team(s)? Wouldn’t it

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Invoice Group – A new feature for ConnectWise Manage

Invoice Groups – Now available in 2020.4   !!  Beginning note:  There is a known issue with sub items and is noted in “Known Issues”.  Unchecking “Show Sub-items” does not prevent them from showing on the invoice.  The article for reference is:  We will provide an update to this blog when the issue is corrected. We at Visionary 360 are excited to have this function FINALLY available for ConnectWise Manage users.  Since the creation

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Do you Scan? MSERT Tool | Security

Disaster recovery sometimes feels like a Tom & Jerry cartoon. Always chasing the threat for a resolution. Tools, education, planning, and continual proactive management should be a way of life in your company. Microsoft released a new portable Safety Scanner, known as MSERT, which can be run on demand.    Available for 32 and 64 bit operating systems, the tool is free of charge.  To learn more about and download this security tool, read the

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